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Week 11 Home Learning - Monday 23rd - Friday 27th November

Week 11 Home Learning



Monday 23rd - Friday 27th November


This week we are beginning to look at multiplication and division.  We are currently following the White Rose Hub unit.  All the activities and PowerPoints are linked below.


Multiplication - equal groups


Recap Multiplication using the symbol


Recap Using Arrays


Recap 2 times table


Recap 5 times table



Monday - Today we are working in our Year 3 Collins English Targeted Practice book.  We will be working from page 94  looking at conjunctions to show time.


Tuesday - Today's reading comprehension is the text 'Monkey Business'- see the questions and text attached below.

Wednesday - Friday 

This week we are continuing to look at our newspaper articles and writing our own from the examples we have looked at in class.  This week I would like you to write a newspaper article all about lock-down.  Explain what happened, why it happened, events that happened and make sure to get some eye witness accounts of events.  Maybe spend one day planning and researching, then one day writing and one day editing and copying it out in best.  I look forward to seeing what you have come up with!

Topic, PE and Science


In science we have been looking at rocks, in particular, fossils.  So for this weeks topic it is more of an art project.  I would like you to create a scientific drawing of a fossil, but look at using sketch lines and shading.  There are some guides on our main page under art, they will help you with shading.  There are also lots of pictures on the internet of different fossils for you to look at.  Some are shown below.

In PE this week we are continuing to look at different types of games.  Go onto the 'Get Active' page and have a go at some of the activities.  GoNOODLE and Cosmic Kids are some of my favourites!


For this week's RE I would like you to continue creating a leaflet of all of our learning on Christianity, you may even choose to create a PowerPoint using your knowledge.


In our topic we are now turning our attentions to animal's habitats.  I would like you to research and create a poster of some of the different animal habitats around our planet.  Remember that you can use Espresso to help you!