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WEEK 2 June 8th - 12th

Monday 8th June


Metric units of measurement


Look at the document below.

Record each item to be measured  and then write the appropriate unit of measurement to use.

What is the best unit of measurement to use?

We are going to remind ourselves how to measure in cms and mms accurately using a ruler.

Please click here for measuring in cms

Please click here for measuring in cms and mms


Find 8 things in the house and find their length in cms and mms. Record in your books.




Today we are going to write a NOUN MIND MAP

I would like you to think of 2 different mammals that live in the ocean and create a map for each mammal. Try to include as many verbs, adjectives and adverbs as you can.




Do you remember that animals can be divided into groups or 'classified' by looking at the similarities and differences between them?

What is classification? Watch BBC Bitesize here.

Different types of animals live in the ocean. 

Click here to play WHAT KIND OF ANIMAL?





Tuesday 9th June


Please complete this reading comprehension about humpback whales. Write the title in your book and remember to answer each question with a proper sentence. 





Converting between units of length

Try the worksheet. You don't have to print it out unless you want to. You could write the answers in your book instead.




Sing along with this video.



I suspect that many of you were upset when you saw all the plastic pollution in our oceans.Looking after our planet is important and each and every one of us can help. 

Get involved with the recycling at home.

Watch this powerpoint. It will give you more information about recycling.





Wednesday 10th June


Please watch the video. It explains how to convert metric units of length. Click here.


Copy and complete by writing the missing number

1. 37 mm =  ______  cm

2. 149 cm = ______ m

3. 9cm =  _____ mm

4. 290 cm = ______  m



Click here  for another activity.




We are going to do something a little different today.



We are all missing people at the moment. I came across this lovely book and I must admit it brought a tear to my eye. I am ordering a copy for school. For now, listen to the story by clicking here.

You may think it is a book for younger children. Don't. Remember, I'm much older than you and I enjoyed it. It certainly gave me a lot to think about. 


The book explains how an invisible string is always attached to people we love and always will be.


 I would like you to think of all the people you are attached to with an invisible string.


Get creative and choose an activity below


Find some string and draw some hearts. Write the name of special people on the hearts. Thread or peg your hearts on the string.











Draw and cut out special people and thread them on the string. Be sure to add their names.



 Create some bunting using paper or fabric with the names of special people on each piece. 



Try and get your grown ups involved as this is a lovely activity for all the family.





Thursday 11th June


Click here for espresso 'Measures'. Once the screen is up, click on 'length'. Have a look at the short videos filmed at Chester Zoo. Measuring carefully is important in any zoo. Find out why.



On Monday you created a Noun Mind Map. 


 Write 4 sentences about each mammal you have chosen for a mind map. Try to use some of the words you have listed.



  1. These  intelligent creatures are found world wide.
  2. Dolphins travel together in  groups called 'pods'.
  3. He sighed deeply and waved goodbye to the friendly dolphin.
  4. Smooth and sleek, dolphins can swim fast.



Have you seen the skipping video on Bishop's Hull TV? Skipping is a great way of keeping fit. I would like you to do a skipping 'work out'. How many jumps can you do? If you do it daily, not only will your technique improve but also your stamina. 


Friday 12th June


Click here for espresso. When the screen appears click on 'length'.

Have a go at both challenges.



In 1963, Maurice Sendak write the picture book Where The Wild Things Are. Do you know it? In the story, Max, on the night he wore his wolf suit, went on a magical journey to the land of the Wild Things and became the king of these strange creatures. Eventually, he missed home and made the journey back to his bedroom, where it all began. It's a wonderful story - you can listen to it here and see the wonderful illustrations.


A hint about our literacy focus for next week.

In the book, Where The Wild Things Are, there are many fabulous creatures that have never been seen before. Next week, we will be meeting an explorer who travels around the world discovering strange creatures. Here she is!


We will be writing some non-chronological reports.



Lots of people have enjoyed the art tutorials so I am ending the week with another one. Click here to find out how to draw a humpback whale.