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Week 24th - 18th January

Thursday 27th January


This is a revision lesson. Watch the video lesson and then complete the worksheet.

Spr5.1.1 - Multiply 2-digits by 1-digit


Read the text about volcanoes around the world and then answer the questions. Remember to punctuate your sentences accurately.


Today, we are going to 'zoom' in on a country in Europe to study in more detail.


It's a small, Alpine country (think snowy mountains and grassy valleys) famous for skiing and chocolate.

Yes, it's Switzerland!


Switzerland is a landlocked country which means that it is surrounded by land and does not have access to the sea. Think about this information when you find Switzerland and its neighbouring countries on the map here

Please read this PowerPoint:

Now research Switzerland and make a fact file about this interesting country. You can use the PowerPoint to help you. There are also useful web addresses on the document below and you may have books to help you with your research at home. Use the template to help you write your fact file in your Lockdown Learning book or print it off to complete. You may like to decorate your fact file with pictures.


Friday 28th January


This is a revision lesson. Watch the video and then complete the worksheet.


This term we start a  local history project. First, we need to find out about life in 17th Century Britain.

Click on the document below.