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WEEK ONE April 20th - 24th



This week we are going to use a book called The Paper Bag Princess by Robert N Munsch as a starting point for our literacy.


Click here to listen to the story        


Please write some '2 pairs sentences' about characters and events in the story.

Delighted and joyous, eager and enthusiastic, Elizabeth was all set to marry a prince called Ronald.


A. Write the third part of these sentences

1. Flattened and smashed, ruined and scorched,  ....

2. Excited and happy, overjoyed and ecstatic,  ...


B. Write the first two parts of these sentences.

1. ... the dragon lay down on the grass

2. ... the dragon opened the door.


c. Write four of your own '2 pairs sentences' about the story.






This week we are going to revise decimal numbers before we start our new Year 5  decimal work.


Click below and go to Summer Term Week 1 - Lesson 1 Make A Whole

I would also like you to complete Summer Term Week 1 - Lesson 2 Write Decimals

1. Play the video

2. Try the activities

3. Check your answers



Today we are going to be investigating materials and their properties.

A material is any substance that has a name. For example, chalk paper, wood, iron, clay.

The property of a material is something about it that we can measure, see or feel. Materials have different properties that make them useful for different jobs.

Click here to visit BBC Bitesize. Find out how to identify materials.

Click on the worksheet

Draw the table in your book and then complete questions one and two.






Vocabulary Work

1. Listen again to the story of the Paper Bag Princes and think about the character of the dragon. How would you describe him?

 Think of as many adjectives as you can. I will start you off . I think the dragon is definitely


This means he is excessively proud of himself.


2. Now consider the character of Elizabeth. Write as many adjectives as you can to describe her. I think Elizabeth is definitely


This means she shows courage, determination and spirit.


Have fun!



Today we are remembering how to compare decimals and order decimals.

Click here and go to Week 1 Lessons 3 and 4

1. Play the video

2. Try the activities

3. Check your answers



As you have been busy describing the dragon in the story, I thought you might be inspired to press on the link and follow the tutorial for how to tame a dragon. OOPS! That's another story entirely. I meant to say ... how to DRAW a dragon. It involves lots of concentration and patience; find a quiet spot and enjoy.  HOW TO DRAW A DRAGON








Direct Speech

Think about how the story of the Paper Bag Princess ends. It is a surprise ending. I would like you to imagine the conversation that Elizabeth and Ronald have when Elizabeth turns up to rescue him. Please write some dialogue between the two characters. What might they say to each other. Make their conversation sound natural and don't forget to use all the necessary speech punctuation. Importantly, don't forget to paragraph (start a new line when someone new speaks).


My apologies class I didn't include a link for The Paper bag Princess that included illustrations. As we have discussed, illustrations are important. Pictures can help us infer. Click on the link

Click here for a reminder about how to punctuate and set out direct speech.


Today we will be rounding decimal numbers

Click here and go to Summer Term Week 2 Lesson 1

1. Play the video

2.Try the activities

3. Check your answers


I expect you have all heard of the amazing Captain Moore who is raising money for the NHS. Have a look at this video link.

Have a go at singing along. Here are the lyrics for You'll Never Walk Alone.



Today is St George's Day.

Find out about St George and the dragon by completing this reading comprehension.




Today we are learning about Fractions and decimals halves and quarters

Click on the link and go to Summer Term Week 2 Lesson 2


Ask your parents if you can try some of the Home Primary PE activities. Perhaps get all the family involved.  Click and find out more.






Complete the activities to help you learn how to make adjectives ending -ent into nouns.

SPELLING ACTIVITIES words ending -ent and words ending -ence


How about playing a maths dice  game. Read through the rules. Who will win?


GAME OF PIG ( you will need dice)