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Week 31st January - 4th February

Monday 31st January


Click on the SPELLING STAR. Write out this week's spellings. Decide whether the word is a verb or a noun. Learn the spelling.

Write a sentence for each spelling on the list.


Watch the video lesson and then complete the worksheet.

Multiply 4-digits by 1-digit

Tuesday 1st February


What do you know about Tudor houses? Have you ever seen one? Read the information here to find out how to recognise Tudor buildings.


Now use the words provided to copy and complete this passage.


Watch this tutorial to help you draw a Tudor house. 

How to draw a 3d Medieval Tudor Half-timber building - Step-by-step


Practise the formal multiplication method with the calculations on this worksheet.

Wednesday 2nd February


What has it been like to be stuck at home with Covid-19? Write a diary entry to describe your experience. Start with 'Dear Diary,' and remember to write in the first person (I). You need to include sentence punctuation and try to use adventurous vocabulary to bring your writing to life.



Multiplying by Multiples of 10

Complete the following worksheet. It will help you with your maths tomorrow.


Understanding Pulse and Rhythm

Click here for your lesson.

Thursday 3rd February


The Iron Man by Ted Hughes

Read this extract from The Iron Man and answer the comprehension questions.




Watch video 39 here. Click on 'Questions' for video 39 here and record your answers.



Today, we are going to 'zoom' in on a country in Europe to study in more detail.


It's a small, Alpine country (think snowy mountains and grassy valleys) famous for skiing and chocolate.

Yes, it's Switzerland!


Switzerland is a landlocked country which means that it is surrounded by land and does not have access to the sea. Think about this information when you find Switzerland and its neighbouring countries on the map here

Please read this PowerPoint:

Now research Switzerland and make a fact file about this interesting country. You can use the PowerPoint to help you. There are also useful web addresses on the document below and you may have books to help you with your research at home. Use the template to help you write your fact file in your Lockdown Learning book or print it off to complete. You may like to decorate your fact file with pictures.


Friday 4th February


Continue to learn the multiplication tables. Click here and play HIT THE BUTTON. Challenge your parents to a game.



Identifying Adverbs

Click on the work below. Complete the first worksheet. Write each sentence and underline the verb and adverb.