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WEEK 5 June 29th - July 3rd

Monday 29th June


Capacity and Volume

Capacity is the amount that  something can hold. Usually it means volume such as metric millilitres (ml) and litres (l)

1000 ml = 1 l

A glass might have a capacity of 300ml (but it is actually only holding 260ml)



Use a measuring jug for liquids

Find an assortment of different size containers

Draw and complete the table below.



Using its and it's correctly

When do we use its

Use its if you can change it for a noun + 's


The cat drank its milk.

The cat drank the cat's milk.


Using it's 

Use it's if you can change or for it is or it has


It's very cold today.         It's got hotter.

It is very cold today.        It has got hotter.


Write out each sentences below filling in the correct its or it is.

  1. The dog ran away because --- collar became lose.
  2. Hurry up, --- nearly time for home learning.
  3. --- my sister who has won the competition, not my brother.
  4. The house lost --- roof during the storm.
  5. Brush your teeth, --- bedtime.
  6. Dad grumbled, "--- about time you learned to tidy your room." 
  7. --- been a long time since I saw my cousin Joe.
  8. The army has sent --- soldiers to help with the disaster.


Check that all sentences and proper nouns start with a capital letter.






Collect some ideas about how scrapbooks are generally put together and arranged

Scrapbooking is a way of presenting and arranging personal history in the form of a book. Scrapbooks allow you to record written memories and be creative with arts and crafts. 


At home, do you have an empty book/ notebook  that could be a scrapbook? Are you able to get one? If not, don't worry. You can  work on paper which could be stapled or bound together to make a booklet. 

Click here  and watch the first part of a video. It will show you how to make a scrapbook.


Today, I would like you to start collecting ideas for making your scrap book appealing. 

Click here for How to Scrapbook.

If you are inspired, why not look for more art and craft ideas on the internet. Check with a parent first.

Tomorrow , we are going to start writing about coronavirus and how it has changed our lives. Your scrapbook is going to be about coronavirus in 2020.


Tuesday 30th June


Estimating Capacity

Write the answers to the questions below.




I taught Jack Turner several years ago at Bishop's Hull. You will see on our class page a short film that he has created. Please watch the filmIt will help you to remember events and, in turn, inspire your writing this week.It documents the outbreak of CORONAVIRUS in March and  how it has changed the life of everyone. The film takes us up to May. Since then, of course,  events have moved on.


This week, you are going to start writing a personal recount of your thoughts and experiences over the last few months. Although things are slowly getting back to normal, our world has  changed.  This piece of writing will be a source of historical evidence. Maybe future  generations of your family will read about 2020 with curiosity and interest. It could even, in 200 years time, end up in a museum. What a thought!


Each day, for the rest of this week , I will give you a different chapter heading.


Today's title

 Coronavirus! A new word to add to my vocabulary

We are going to go right back to the beginning. Please write about when you first heard the word CORONAVIRUS and what you thought.  You may have heard adults or other children talking about coronavirus. What did you think? For me,  I was watching the BBC  news. I saw what was happening in Wuhan, China. I am embarrassed to admit that I didn't pay  much attention and I wasn't particularly worried. Oh dear! I was too busy doing other things.


Also, write about the few days before school closed. What did it feel like on the last day of school? Write honestly, providing as much detail as you can. This piece of work will be stuck in your scapbook.





Now that you have completed your first piece of  writing, stick it into your scrapbook.  Can you add photographs, pictures (hand drawn or printed from the computer) cuttings from newspapers,  flaps and embellishments.  

Wednesday 1st July



Converting metric units

1. Click here to watch a video.


2. Draw and complete each table.





Recount Writing


Today's Title

Lockdown Begins

It is your chance to be descriptive and write from the heart. Remember this is a personal recount. It does not have to be shared unless that is what you want.

Explain how you felt during the first few weeks of lockdown. Write about the new rules about staying indoors, social distancing and not being able to see family and  friends. Did you watch the news? What was happening in the country? At the beginning, did your parents have to stay home from work, or go to work as a  key worker? What did you do? What was it like on Week  1 (beginning 23rd March) doing school work at home? Tell your reader.



Present today's writing in your scrapbook. What other snippets of information or pictures can you add to your page?  Think about layout. Be creative.

Thursday 2nd July


I would like you to create a maths poster to hang in your bedroom. It should be filled with helpful information about how to convert units of measurement. It should include important vocabulary connected with length, time, mass and capacity. Make it colourful and attractive. It will be a useful resource when you start Year 6.

I would be delighted if you sent me some photos of your finished work.

Below are some ideas.



Recount Writing


Today's Title

Low Points

We have all had times when we have felt fed up and down in the dumps during lockdown.  Write some paragraphs today about what has not been good about lockdown.

 There are several things that have made us sad or fed up:

  • missing people
  • worrying about people
  • being unable to attend special occasions 
  • missing holidays, sporting events, music events, clubs
  • being unable to play with friends



Friday 3rd July


Here is a Friday Maths Challenge. If you can, get the whole family involved.



Recount Writing


Today's title

High Points

Despite everything, many wonderful and good things have happened during lockdown. Looking on the bright side and being optimistic, is important for our well being. Some things  have certainly gladdened my heart. There have been so many stories brimming with kindness, compassion, courage and togetherness.  I've enjoyed spending more time with my family. Also, seeing key worker children and Year 6 in school. I've enjoyed the work you have sent me to look at. I have noticed nature  and the wildlife visiting my garden. 

Think back to what you have enjoyed, or are enjoying, about the lockdown. Lose yourself in your writing and remember things that have made you happy. 


Update your scrap book. Add yesterday's and today's writing. Will you have a colour theme to reflect the different emotions portrayed in each piece of writing?

Next week, there will be time to finish your scrapbook and add your final pieces of writing. Keep up the good work.