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WEEK 7 July 13th -17th

Monday 13th July



Measuring Lines and Angles accurately  Week 10 Lesson 2 Click here for a video.

The activity sheet is below.





Today we are going to revise our knowledge of fronted adverbials.

Click on the link here and read the information from the BBC Bitesize lesson.

Carefully read the information and watch the short videos to remind yourself what a fronted adverbial is and how to use and punctuate them.

Complete the Quiz


ISPACE  is an acronym. It reminds you of different ways you can start a sentence to make your writing more exciting.


I is for -ing words (smiling, blinking)

S for simile (as quick as a flash)

P for preposition (under, on, between)

A for adverb (a word that describes a verb)

C for conjunction (a conjunction connects two clauses together - and, so, because, since)

E for -ed words or clauses  ( confused, overjoyed)


Try the Challenge Cards below.

Open the document and try the activities in your book.There are three challenge levels so choose the challenge that suits you.

Tuesday 14th July


Today's lesson is how to calculate angles on a straight line. Remember to watch the video first as this will help you to understand what you need to do. 


Click here for Summer Term Week 10 Lesson 3 

Then, complete the sheet.




Today and tomorrow, we are going to work on grammar and punctuation skills.

Complete Cards 1-10 today.  Write in your book. Use proper sentences.

Complete cards 11-20 tomorrow.


Wednesday 15th July


Today's maths lesson is to calculate angles around a point. 

Click here to watch the video, Week 10 Lesson 4, and then complete the worksheet. 



Complete the grammar and punctuation cards 11-20. Please record in your book.

Thursday 16th July


Today's lesson is looking at the properties of regular and irregular polygons.

Click here for Week 11 Lesson 1 - Regular and Irregular Polygons

Now complete the worksheet.




Today we are working on spelling. Find the spelling mistakes on the worksheets. Correct them. If you do not want to print out the worksheets, write the answers in your book.

Complete Sheets 1-5 today.


Friday 17th July


Today's maths is all about reasoning about 3D shapes.

Click here for Week 11 Lesson 2 - Reasoning about 3D shapes


Correct spelling mistakes on sheets 6-10.

When you have finished, look at the answer sheet and check your spellings.