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Week beginning 10th May

Monday 10th May

Green group

Find three quarters

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Red group

Compare numbers

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Today we will be learning about instructions. Can you think of all the different instructions we can give. Read the powerpoint below to understand why and when we give instructions. Can you write a list of the different types of instructions.

Tuesday 11th May

Green group

Count in fractions

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Red group

Order objects and numbers

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Today we will be following instructions to make a snow flake. Click on the link below to follow the instructions to make a pretty decoration.


Or use word document and draw around a paper plate and create snowflake.

Wednesday 12th May

Green group

Problem solving with fractions

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Red group

Recap counting in 2's

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Watch the story read by Mrs Payne The Giant Jam Sandwich


Ask your child to recall the steps used. Can you make a list of verbs and time words, what do you notice?

Show examples of instructions discuss the layout, You will need box, verbs, time words, numbers. Can you spot any patterns? 

Now, using the jumbled up jam sandwich instructions can you cut them out and stick them in the right order.

Thursday 13th May

Green group

End of Block assessment


Red group

Recap counting in 5's

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Discuss how often we are now washing our hands, why is it important to keep washing your hands?

Watch the video to reinforce good hand washing and hygiene.


Now can you help our alien understand how to wash her hands by writing some instructions using the sheet below

Friday 14th May

Whole class mental maths session - Numbersense


Thursday Green Group End of Block Assessment (Fractions)