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Week beginning 13th December

Christmas Non-Chronological Report


As we are coming to the end of the term and getting excited for Christmas we are going to create our own elf to help (or hinder) Santa. You need to come up with the name and what the elf looks like and how he/she behaves. Plan this out on a piece of paper and come up with as many different ideas as possible. 


Then you are going to write it as a non-chronological report. You need to write up the information under different headings so make sure you put all the same information together under that heading. I have uploaded a copy of my version below for you to look at. 


Success Criteria 

- I can organise my information into paragraphs with sub-headings. 

- I can vary my sentence starters

- I can add interesting detail to help explain what my elf is like

- I can check my punctuation and spelling is correct