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Week beginning 14th December

After Christmas we will be starting a new unit of work about multiplication and division. So, this week you have some times tables work to do. Don't forget you can go on Supermovers where there are some great songs to help you learn your tables. You can also use the hundred square in your Bishops Hull Book of Everything to count forwards and back in the 2,3,5 and 10 times table.

Monday maths activity counting in 5s

Tuesday maths activity counting on and back in 10s

Wednesday maths activity 2 times table

Thursday maths activity 3 times table

Friday maths activity (plus some extra for the holidays!)



This week we will be writing a report on a jungle animal of your own choice!



Choose a jungle animal and find out all about it. Remember to find out all about its eating habits, behaviour, where it lives, its personality and any interesting facts. You could use fact books or the internet to research your animal. remember if you are using the internet to ask an adult to help you.



Plan your report using the report plan below, add extra details such as generalisers and technical words specific to your animal. 



Have a go at writing your own report today. Don't forget to use each of the headings; 

Definition, Description, Habitat, Lifestyle and Ending to write all about your animal.



If you have a copy of the Jolly Christmas Postman, read it with an adult and discuss the route the postman takes and the characters he meets. If you don't have a copy listen to the story using the link below. Play the board game with an adult in your house. Who will win!



Using the Jolly Christmas Postman story powerpoint to help can you use the route activity below to cut out the characters and create the postman's route.