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Week beginning 14th March

Monday 14th March 




Today have a go at finding all the subtraction number bonds to from 10 and 20. can you spot a pattern?



Today we are starting to write our class story based on The Snail and the Whale. We will begin with the opening. This is the opening to our class story we wrote together.

Read it through and then have a go at writing it for yourself.  The parts in yellow are the parts we have changed to make this our own story.

Don't forget capital letters and full stops. can you use the inverted commas we practised to add speech to your story.

A tiny desert mouse was sitting on a sand dune looking out to the desert. She was wishing she could journey around the world.

“How I long to travel” said the tiny mouse. The other mice said “Don’t be silly! You’ll be eaten! Stay here!”




Today we are looking at the weather! Watch the weather over the next few days and record it in a weather chart and film your own weather forecasts! 


Watch some weather people on screen by clicking the link below reading the weather forecast. 

Then can you make up your own weather forecast for the weather this week or today . If you are feeling confident you could even record yourself! We would look to see your weather forecast!


Tuesday 15th March


Forest School 


We have forest school today! Click on the link below to check out some exciting activities you could get up to at home. 

Forest school


We will write the build up of the class story today. Could you improve our story and add some speech? Don’t forget to use inverted commas to show when the character is talking. Here is the story so far, read it through and then write your own version.


One night, an African elephant stomped up to her sand dune. He asked the mouse to join him on his journey.

Before long, there was a sand storm a terrible tornado.  The sand whirled and swirled. The mouse clung to the grey elephant’s trunk. Finally, the wild sand storm had calmed, they carried on their journey.



New spellings were given out on Friday, have a go at practising your spellings, how creative can you be to learn the new spelling pattern? Click on the document below if you need some more ideas.





Read through the powerpoint and have a go at the questions. When you have finished, check your answers and then make some of your own mixed addition and subtraction questions up for yourself and to challenge people in your house.



Today, we are writing the problem of the class story. Read the next part of the story and then write your own version. Can you include your own noun phrase? Or speech? What would Elephant and mouse be saying to each other?


A while later they met some sand dunes that rose up in front of them like pyramids.  The elephant climbed up the steep side all the way to the top. Sand slid beneath his feet.

Unfortunately, the elephant slipped on the sand and they tumbled into a deep, dark  hole.

Thursday 17th March 2022

Maths - We are measuring! Can through the PPt and find as many things as you can to measure in centimetres



Today, we are writing the resolution of the class story.

Can you include your own alliteration to add detail to your writing? Mini mouse, excellent elephant. read through the class story then write it yourself, remembering to use the correct punctuation. 


As fast as she could, the little mouse scampered away to the barracks nearby.  As soon as the soldiers saw the message in the sand, they ran to help. The soldiers, the police and rescue helicopters came to help 

The soldiers lowered a rope into the hole and tied it around the enormous elephant. They pulled, heaved and tugged the elephant out.



Today we are welcoming an artist to school. We will be creating some Easter artwork. What Easter things can you think of? Eggs? chicks? Bunnies? Can you create an Easter picture to show us when you are back at school.

Friday 18th March 2022



Click here to find lots of fun activities from Comic Relief to watch and do today. 

Maths - More measuring! Today we are looking for objects that measure a metre or more. What can you measure today?


Today, we will finish our class story by writing the ending.

Read through our story and then write it on your own. Once you have completed the story, please read it through to check for missing words, full stops, capital letters and spelling mistakes.


The little mouse had saved the life of her large friend. The mouse clung to the African elephant’s back and they journeyed around the world from here to there and back again.

Spelling Test!

Very best of luck! 


New spellings will be given out today as well, check out the spelling star on the homepage for your new words.



We have PE today, click on the link below to have a go at some activities at home. 

Get Active!