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Week beginning 15th November

Tuesday 16th November


Interpret pictograms

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This half term we are comparing a Non-European country with where we live.

We are going to look at South America, in particular Brazil. Today we will locate South America and Brazil on a world map. Then investigate all the countries in South America. We will look at the word 'landmark' and what it means. Do you know any landmarks?

If you want to explore 'landmarks' further why not have a go at these matching cards of landmarks of London.



Today we are having a go at planning our own story based on Pumpkin soup. Using the story from last week can you change the setting, the recipe and the characters to invent your own story.

You can either draw your story in a story map or can you remember how to box up a story by writing notes for the five sections of the story.


Build up




Wednesday 17th November


Draw pictograms (2,5 and 10)     

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Today we are going to learn about one of the elements of music - pulse.

First watch this video. Watch and listen carefully to the children. Pause the video after they have performed and rewind to about 50 seconds in. Can you join in with them? Then follow the instructions and sing the 'Slick City Spats' song. Well done!

Next we are going to take part in a lesson by Ms Glover which will help us to understand pulse a bit more. Click here for the lesson. 

I hope you enjoyed your music lesson today 

Thursday 18th November 


Interpret pictograms (2,5 and 10)

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