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Week beginning 17th May

Monday 17th May


Green Group

Today we are starting a new block of work.

Recognise 2D and 3D shapes

Spring Term - Block 3 - Shape

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Red Group

Continue Place Value Block 1

Recap counting in 10's

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Go outside and try to learn a new game. Gradually build up the number of instructions, recapping as you go.

Think about the sequence, the vocabulary we have been learning to learn the game in detail.

Ideas could be;
Take three steps.
Jump forward twice.
Pick up the bean bag.
Put it on your head.
Walk to the red cone.
Put the bean bag on the floor.

Now it's your turn ask your child to make up a sequence or game with instructions for you to follow.

Tuesday 18th May


Green Group

Count sides on 2D shapes

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Red Group

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Play the game Simon says – then explain to pupils that our new literacy topic is ‘instructions’ and they were all following my instructions during Simon says.

Discuss what an instruction is. Where have they seen instructions before? (recipe, toys, games, construction, work - next steps)

Explain that the instruction words are called ‘imperative verbs’ but we can call them bossy verbs. They are the words which tell us what we need to do.


Using the sheet below, highlight all the imperative verbs in the instructions to plant a sunflower.

Wednesday 19th May    National Numeracy Day


Green Group

Count vertices on 2d shapes

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Red Group

Count in 3's

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Use the badly written version of the instructions for making a cake. 

Discuss that we are not writing a recount, or a story with wow words, but direct and clear instructions, that are to the point and don’t have unnecessary words in. 

Watch how to make a cake.

 After ask questions such as what happened first, next, after that?


Now using the badly written instructions can you cross out unnecessary words and phases to edit the instructions.

Thursday 20th May


Green Group

Draw 2D shapes

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Red Group

End of block assessment



Have the check list of features can you find the features in different sets of instructions.

Do they all have a title? Why do they need to have a title or a heading. What other features can they spot? Layout is also important why? Why do you need the ‘you will need’ section at the beginning and not the end? Why do most of the instructions have a sentence or two before the actual instructions?

Read the story, pizza at Sally’s, its story on how pizza is made, lots of good verbs are used to explain how it is made.


Can you now use the pizza pictures to write your own set of instructions on how to make a pizza.

Friday 21st May


Whole class mental maths session - Numbersense



Spelling Test and Reading Explorers - Log into your Epic account and choose a non-fiction book, can you find any instructions in your book? Write down all the features of instructions.