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Week beginning 1st February


Welcome to Express Yourself Week. Thank you for the photos and videos you have sent in for ways you enjoy being you – if you have any more to send in then please make sure they are in by Wednesday (send to and put 'Express yourself' in the subject line so we can spot them easily) so we can put it altogether by the end of the week.

We have exciting activities planned for our afternoons this week based around Express Yourself - we hope you enjoy them! Any brothers or sisters that you may have in school will be doing the same activities, a great opportunity to work together.

I have added extra activities at the end of this page - these are all optional - take a look.

There are also lots of extra activities on the wellbeing page which is the first item on the drop down children tab.



This week we have three new sounds, watch the videos below and have a practise at reading and spelling words with these new sounds.







Monday 1st February 

Joe Wicks is live at 9am on his Body Coach youtube channel. Get your week off to a great, energetic start again!



Red group

Number bonds to 10

Teaching video             Pages 17 and 18 Red book (Block 2)           Answers


Green group

The two times table

Teaching video            Pages  29  and  30 of Green book (Block 1)     Answers


Have a go at spelling your new spellings in different colours or felt tips, can you write them in a pattern or rainbow?



This week we are going to enjoy a Somerset folktale. The story is attached below for you.


Read the first page of the story The Pixies of Withypool together. Let your child read the story with your help.

Stop at the sentence ending ‘‘they were just there when she woke in the morning’.

Talk about the following questions. You might like to write some of the answers in your orange book.

  • What animals did Sally keep on her farm?
  • After Farmer Abraham died, Sally “didn’t have too much time for grieving.” What do you think ‘grieving’ means?
  • Why didn’t she have much time for grieving? 
  • At what time of year did Farmer Abraham catch the fever and die?
  • At what time of year did Sally fall ill? 
  • What were the two main jobs that needed to be done at harvest time? 
  • What did Sally use apples for?
  • Why couldn’t the farmhands help her with the harvest?
  • “Oh dear, oh dear! I am ruined!” moaned Sally as she lay ill. What do you think ‘ruined’ means?
  • Sally wants to know who is helping her with the work. What do you think she will do next?


Can you draw and label a picture of Waterhouse Farm? Send in your pictures we would love to see them



In the back of your orange book can you continue your formation of letters. Today we will start capital letters please practise writing A, B,C, D in capitals. Can you write each letter 10 times. 

This week we are exploring the different ways we can express ourselves, and the creative ways that we can share our feelings, thoughts and ideas. Watch the powerpoint below now.  Talk to your adult about what you have found out. Now watch this video and see if you can spot the different ways people are expressing themselves. How many did you spot? Do you like to do any of them?

What makes you, you? There are lots of ways you can express yourself and make you feel good about yourself. For example, Mrs Fielding likes to go cycling and Mrs David likes to bake or dance in the kitchen whilst Mrs Payne loves being out in her garden and Mrs Nolan loves to read. We are all different in the ways that we enjoy spending our time but that is what makes us all unique. What do you enjoy doing?

It is important that we think about how we feel and how they make our bodies feel. Watch this video 

Draw a simple outline of yourself – what colours and patterns would you put in your picture? Do other people in your family have the same colours and feelings or would they have different colours?

Everyone will have created different drawings. Remember – it’s not about being the best at drawing – just doing your best effort and expressing yourself.

Tuesday 2nd February


Red group

Compare number bonds

Teaching video               Pages  19 and 20  of Red book (Block 2)       Answers


Green group

The two times table

Remember you watched this video yesterday, today is consolidating your learning by watching the video again.

Teaching video               Pages  31  and  32  of Green book (Block 1)     Answers


Using our method look, write, cover, spell to practise writing out your spellings this week.



Re-read the first page of the story The Pixies of Withypool then carry on and read the rest of the story together.

Talk about the following questions. You might like to write or draw some of the answers in your orange book.


  • When Sally finds the bags of corn and the tubs of apples outside the back door, who did she think had done it? 
  • When Sally stayed up to see who was doing the work, she was very surprised. What were the two surprises?  
  • Once she had got over the shock of seeing ten naked pixies, what were her feelings for her secret helpers? 
  • She decided to make some clothes for them. What were her two reasons for doing this?
  • “Sally never saw the pixies again after that.” We don’t know why not, although some possible reasons are given. Why do you think she never saw the pixies again? 


We never hear the pixies speak, if they were to talk what do you think they would be saying?

Watch the clip on how to use inverted commas to add speech to writing . Can you then improve this story by writing a conversation between the pixies that might of been overheard?


Why does finding healthy ways to express ourselves matter?

It matters because when we feel good about ourselves, it can help our mental health and wellbeing.

Remember, just as we look after our physical health (our bodies) by doing things like exercising, eating well and getting enough sleep, we also need to look after our mental health (our minds). Expressing ourselves in creative ways can help us do this.

Think of a challenging time (like lockdown) that sees lots of people finding creative ways to help them through it (such as gardening or growing plants, mindful colouring, drawing, reading or writing stories, making models, dancing, baking, etc.).


Watch this short video from Apple called “Creativity goes on”: Look at all the different ways people have been creative through this lockdown. What do you see? Have you done any of these things?

Now it’s time to get creative. Watch this lovely video of the book The Dot by Peter H Reynolds.

This story proves to us that we can all draw something no matter what our skills are.

Today’s activity we would like you to be creative and draw something – anything, be creative and use your imagination. Remember - finding ways to express ourselves creatively can be a good way to look after our minds.


If you want some ideas, watch the video below of Peter Reynolds who wrote The Dot.



Wednesday 3rd February

Joe Wicks is live again this morning at 9am on his Body Coach youtube channel.


***Advance notice - you will need a cereal box for Tuesdays art lesson next week, so get eating!!! *****



Red group

Add together (1)

Teaching video            Pages  21 and 22  of Red book (Block 2)      Answers

Please don't do page 23 as well, we will do that tomorrow.


Green group

The five times table (1)

Teaching video           Pages 33 and 34 of Green book (Block 1)    Answers




If you have playdoh, blue tac or plastine available, can you make your spellings using these materials? String, wool or twigs would be a great alternative if it is a dry day to collect and display the spellings.



Today we are looking closely at the punctuation of the story. Can you find three different pieces of punctuation in the story and explain how and why they have been used to an adult in your family?


Here are five sentences from the story, but all capital letters, commas, full-stops and question marks are missing!

Can you write them out correctly?      

      sally and the farm hands were all too ill to work

      who had done this

      to sally’s amazement this went on for several days

      the farm was close to the river barle and belonged to farmer abraham and his wife sally

     who will gather the harvest in

You can check if you have got them right by looking back at the story when you have had a go.


What creative things do you do to feel good and express yourself?

Have you sent your video or photo to the home-learning email address yet? Today is your last chance!

Watch this animated video of the story “Beautiful Oops”:  

Have you ever made a mistake into something better?

Can you think of a time when you might need to improve on something?

Beautiful Oops shows that we can find creativity in many different ways.

Remember, when we express ourselves we don’t have to be a great artist or a wonderful dancer. It’s not about being the very best at something or putting on a performance.


Let’s encourage each other to find lots of different ways to get creative and express ourselves.

Have a go at the one-minute Squiggle game by Place2Be’s Art Room team. Maybe you could get other people in your household to do it with you and compare your squiggles afterwards.

Watch the demo:

Have a go at this two-minute creative challenge with you. For this origami challenge, you will need a piece of paper. Your challenge is to make a dog!

Watch and follow these instructions:

How could you ‘decorate’ your origami dog? For example, colouring it, making it from magazine paper, decorating it, making the tiniest dog or the biggest dog you can etc.

Just like our activity on Monday, everyone will have come up with their own individual ways of expressing themselves through that task.



Thursday 4th February

Today is our google meet day!!!

Please log into your google classroom account for 11.30am to join Miss Heaney, Mrs Moore and lots of your classmates. If you need help to log in there are instructions on the Children's tab on the home page of the school website on how to join a meet.

Once you have logged in, click on Rosen class, then Classwork, underneath here is the Google calendar, click on the calendar. .You will see the events for the week go to Thursday 11.30am, then click join with Google Meet.

This should open up a new tab with the meeting on. It may ask you to download or change browser so it is compatible. On a tablet you will need to download Google Meet as an App.

We are really looking forward to seeing you all! 



The hamster and the horse

We are super proud of your story, Dominic. We thought your friends would like to see it too!


Red group

Add together (2)

Teaching video            Page 23 of Red book (Block 1)         Answers

Remember you watched this video yesterday, today is consolidating your learning by watching the video again.


Green group

The five times table (2)

Teaching video            Pages  35  and  36 of Green book (Block 1)         Answers

Remember you watched this video yesterday, today is consolidating your learning by watching the video again.


Can you write a sentence and include one of your new spellings?

Would you like a drink of squash ?

How many different sentences can you write?




The story is written in the past tense. The sentences below are written in the present tense. Read them together. Can you say them in the past tense? Re-write them using the past tense as they would appear in the story – the words in bold will change.


      They have no children but keep many animals.

      They are completely naked!

      The farmhands say it wasn’t them.

      She manages the work, although it isn’t easy.

      Sally moans as she tosses and turns in her bed.


Click on this link to find our more about past and present tenses.




Log in to your Google Classroom account. Read the All about Winter text and have a go at answering the questions. The answers are multiple choice which means all you need to do is click on the correct answer. Good luck!



Explore your creativity

Think about what you have tried so far this week. You might have tried something different or you might want to share with a friend something creative that makes them feel good.

Music is a great way to express yourself and we know that many of you probably play instruments at home and enjoy playing along to different types of music.

Music is also a great way to bring people together. Listen to the story on Bishop’s Hull TV ‘The Song for Everyone’. What did you enjoy about the story?

Music can bring people together in real life watch this video below and see how many people joined in with playing the same piece of music. How many different instruments can you see? Watch to the end and don’t forget to watch the people in the crowd – they express themselves in lots of different ways – what ways can you spot?

What is your favourite song? Which song makes you just want to sing and dance? Find some great songs today and get singing, dancing or both!

Miss Brimble can never resist joining in with this one!


If you want to follow some dance routines why not check out the Get Active page and NetFlex as they have some great songs to dance to on there.  You could use one of your favourites from your home learning activities.




Watch the story of the Angry Bee


Christian’s often forgive others through prayer but there are lots of different ways we can show people we forgive them when they say sorry. Read through the powerpoint and then use the resources sheet to draw or write different ways that you can show you are sorry and ask for forgiveness. 

Friday 5th February 

Joe Wicks is live again this morning at 9am on his Body Coach youtube channel.



Red group

Add more (1)

Teaching video             Pages 24 and 25 of Red book (Block 2)            Answers


Green group

The ten times table (1)

Teaching video            Page  37  and 38  of Green book                Answers



I know its a little late but this is a great little song about February. One of the maths objectives we have is to learn the months of the year. Have a listen, can you sing along?

If your child has completed all their maths tasks and you need something else for them to do in maths don't forget you have the photocopied workbooks (mentioned in parent letter dated 13.1.21 see main page). There is also work set on mymaths (password on passwords page of BHBoE, times table practice on TTRockstars and try this site too!


Spelling test - Good Luck. You'll smash it!




Re-read the story again thinking about the pixies and how they arrive and help Sally in her time of need.

Choose one of your pixies and write a little bit about them. You could, give them a name, what they look like; if they are a boy or a girl; say whether they are well-behaved or not; how old they are; what they like and what they don’t like; where they might go next and so on.

Draw a picture of the ten little pixies - with their new clothes on! Give each pixie a name



Warm up. Play 'We're going to the zoo!'


Ask your child to imagine they were going on a trip to the Zoo, explain that they will have a go at acting like the animals, can they think of different moves to match the list of animals you give. Or follow the ideas below, ask them then to move around like different animals:

Zebra - Gallop round with one leg remaining in front, change leading legs and repeat

Kangaroo - On toes with legs together, jumping around

Giraffe - Standing stretching very tall, walking with high legs and giant strides

Gorilla - Side galloping, repeating on both sides

Crab - Sit on bottom, hands flat on floor, lift bottom and walk forwards

Caterpillar - Front support, walk feet to hands and then hands away from feet (aim for straight legs)

Rabbit - In crouch move hands forward together, then jump feet in and repeat

Crocodile - On fronts, commando crawl, using opposite arm to leg action

Can the children come up with any other different animal actions?


Main activity

Today we will think about what makes a good balance and the idea of patches and points of the body? Explain the following

Patches: Are large parts of the body: Back, Stomach, Bottom and Shoulders

Points: Are small parts of the body: Feet, Knees, Hands, and Elbows

Have a go at playing a Simon Says style game using patches and points for the actions for children to perform.


Dice Balance:

Using a dice roll it and call out the number shown, children have

30 seconds to come up with the best balance using that number of body parts.  Repeat this a few times.


Ask the children to select 3 balances, using different body parts (patches and points), to link together into a sequence. Can they remember and repeat. Allow the children time to practise and perform when ready.

If possible sit down facing each other and one become partner 1 and the other partner 2

Partner 1 is to lead first, using both arms, moving them slowly with control into simple positions, partner 2 has to copy exactly, like a reflection in the mirror. After a minute swap roles. Can you make it harder by moving arms into different positions, example: Right arm up in air and left arm out to side etc.


Cool Down: ‘Boats and Planes’

For our cool down we will have a go at making shapes similar to boats and planes:

Boats – Lying on back curled up in tuck shape. Slowly take legs out straight and towards the floor, hold.

Planes – Lying straight out on tummy, keeping legs together, lift arms and legs off the floor, hold.

Attempt to hold each position for 5 seconds.




Remember we have our own brilliant 'Get Active' P.E web page. In just one click you will find lots of fun activities you can do at home either on your own or with family members. It's brilliant! Thankyou to Mrs Fielding! 


'Dress to Express' Day

So far this week, we’ve looked at art and music and how both of these can be great ways to express yourself and we hope you’ve had fun exploring them.

Thank you to everyone who submitted their photo/video for the whole school project – the finished piece is now live on Bishop’s Hull TV so check it out and see if you can spot your friends.

Today we would like you to express yourself by what you wear. Maybe you have a favourite outfit that makes you feel happy when you wear it or a favourite dressing up costume? Perhaps it is just a favourite colour that always makes you feel happy. Whatever it is, today is the day to wear it and feel happy in it.  


Today we want you to get other people in our household involved in a game of charades (act it out). This is where you aren’t allowed to speak but have to mime (act) something out. Grab as many people in your house as you can to get involved! You are each going to take it in turns to act out something that you enjoy doing and the other people in your house have to guess what it is. If you want to make it harder you could each write an activity you like doing on a piece of paper, pop each piece of paper into a pot and take it in turns to pick one out (without looking). You won’t know what you have to act out until you read it and then you can also take a guess as to who chose it. Have fun!

Remember: you aren’t allowed to give them any verbal clues!!
I have added lots of activities linked to our Express Yourself theme below. Please don't feel that you have to do them all, they are to pick and choose from, if you would like something else to do. Take a look and see if there is anything you like the look of!