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Week beginning 20th September

This term we have been looking at the book The Invisible by Tom Percival. To remind yourself of the story check it out here. 




What did Isabel do in the story that make a difference? Was it a huge, massive act she did or smaller acts? Why do you think these acts made a difference? How did it make Isabel feel? How did it make others around her feel? 

What could you do in the local area, school or at home that could make a difference? 


Today we are going to look at Marcus Rashford who made a big difference to many people during the COVID pandemic. 

Watch these videos to find out more about Marcus Rashford and his project. 


BBC News

His Story


Do you think Marcus made a difference? Why or why not? Why did he start speaking up about hunger and food poverty in Britain? Were there any personal reasons for him to feel passionately about this cause? 


Today I want you to write a personal view on Marcus and his work and what a difference you think he made. Remember to refer to specific events or things he did to help support your arguments; give specific examples. 


I have uploaded a document onto GC (Google Classrooms) for you to type straight into so I can see your work. Please remember, this is a whole literacy lesson activity so your writing must be in detail, punctuated correctly, exciting word choices and also in depth (not a quick sentence and you're done!). 



Today is going to be a planning session. The story we have been looking at has been thinking about the negative reasons why Isabel felt invisible and how this changed her view on the world. However, I can't help but think about the positive things that could happen if I was invisible - what would I do for a day if I was invisible? 


Today I want you to plan or think about some activities or things you would do if you were invisible for the day. What would you do? Who would you see? Would you try to spook or trick people? Would you be mischievous or use your hidden power for good? How did you notice you were invisible? When did it run out and were you ready for it or was it a big surprise? 


Make some notes and ideas about what your day would be like if you were invisible from start to finish and try to be as adventurous as possible with your ideas. 


Wednesday and Thursday


Today and tomorrow you will be writing up your stories. This will be an assessed piece of writing so you will need to bring it back into school with you when you are back. Throughout the year several pieces of writing are assessed against Year 6 expectations - it is nothing to worry about just part of the process for Year 6. 


So you need to make this your best piece of writing you can and remember the key things you need in all writing - below is a list of just some of the things you need to consider but it is not everything. 


  • full stops and capital letters
  • paragraphs
  • detail to describe settings and characters
  • exciting sentence starters
  • correct punctuation


As you are writing over two days please don't feel you need to rush this as you do have time to make sure you have written your best piece of writing. 


Apologies - the video didn't work so it isn't on GC. The structure we talked about in class looked like this. 



Next week we are going to move on to look at a poetry unit entitled 'This is me'. It is part of the YoungWriters competition and we will be entering our finished poems. We have entered quite a few of the competitions over the past few years and Year 6 seem to be very successful at getting published. 


Today I want you to think about who you are and what you want, what you are good at, what you like doing. 


So either on a piece of paper draw a person or using the template below (ignore the other instructions on the sheet) and I want you to write as many words or phrases that you think associate with you. You can use the questions below to help you and I have put my example at the bottom so you can see it as well. 

What do you like doing in your free time? 

What do you like to eat? 

Favourite colour?

Favourite clothes?

What makes you happy? 

What makes you sad?

What do you want to be when you're older? 

What do you want for the future? 

How do you feel right now? 

What scares you? 

What excites you?

Who do you admire the most? 

What are you passionate about? 

What does everyone notice about you? 

What do people respect/admire about you?