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Week beginning 20th September

This week we are continuing to work on recognising place value in numbers up to 10 million. Below are some sheets for you to work through over the week. 

If you need some revision on place value in smaller numbers here are some sheets



Today we are moving on to look at rounding numbers. Please watch the two videos below about rounding numbers and then complete the sheets attached to them. One is revising what you did in Year 5 and the other moves you on to larger numbers. 

Part 1 - Round numbers to 10 100 and 1000

Part 2 - Round any number



Today we are moving on to look at negative numbers. This first video is all about negative numbers in context of how they can be seen in everyday life so may be worth looking at to remind yourselves. The second video goes into more detail about how you use negative numbers when calculating and the worksheet is below. 

Negative numbers (in context)

Negative numbers



Well done to those of you who have been sending me in photos of your maths work this week. It is great to know that you are continuing with it at home so well done! 


Today I have set you the end of unit assessment for place value to see how you have got on with all the different areas. If there are any areas you are stuck on then please let me know as then I will make sure we can find time to go back over it in class. 


If you finish this assessment can you please log on to TimeTables Rockstars as I want to get out chart up and running in class and so you need to be logging on and checking your times tables scores. You need to play on Studio for it to record your scores - remember it is always important to practice your times tables as they help in so many different areas of maths.