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Week beginning 21st June


Monday 21st June

Green group

Make patterns with 3D shapes

Teaching activity                  Pages                    Answers


Red group

Count faces on 3D shapes

Teaching activity                  Pages                    Answers




We are learning about explanation texts this week. Read the story or watch the story Monsters - An owners guide and complete the comprehension questions.


Tuesday 22nd June

Green group

Make equal groups

Video           MNP multiplication as equal groups


Red group

Count edges on 3D shapes

Teaching activity                    Pages                 Answers



Read the email of complaint from an unhappy customer (Resource 3).

Can you now compose a response from the company replying to the angry customer.  

Wednesday 23rd June

Green group

Add equal groups 

Teaching activity                          Pages                   Answers 



Red group

Count vertices on 3D shapes

Teaching activity                       Pages                  Answers




Display the image of the cat inside the monster’s tummy (ppt page 9, left hand side).


Discuss the stages involved in the cat’s journey to the stomach.

Then read through the explanation, can you spot any conjunctions? 

Can you now write an explanation of the cat’s journey from the monster’s mouth, to his stomach.

Encourage the use of a range of  conjunctions to be used; then, when, but, because, so if, yet. 


Thursday 24th June

Green group

Multiplication as repeated addition (using the word array)


also see PPT below red group


Red group

Sort 3D shapes

Teaching activity                  Pages         Answers

Multiplication as repeated addition PPT for Thursday



Use the PPt story  - Monsters - an owners guide page 6

Talk about each of the monsters in turn using adjectives to describe them. Today we will be writing a guide for one of these monsters. Explain that you will need to chose a monster and then draw and label this using adjectives. Can you then write a paragraph about this monster, remember to include; its eating habits, personality, what it likes and dislikes.

Friday 25th June

Whole class mental maths session - Numbersense