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Week beginning 21st March


Maths - Fractions - We are starting a new topic today! Have a go at the activities below after you have read through the ppt

English - We are learning using full stops accurately use the sheet to practise using them correctly

Guided Reading - Read the text and then answer the questions



Don't forget you can find your new spellings on the spelling star on the home page. We will be practising these in class.

PSHE - We are thinking about keeping our teeth healthy! Read the ppt and then have a go at the sorting activity


Forest School


Today we have forest school!

Click here to access lots of fun things you could do at home.

Maths - We continue to learn about fractions today. find out what we will get up to today by clicking the documents below

English - We are working on our punctuation using commas today read the ppt and complete the task. What other lists can you make up?


Maths - Here are the next activities for today in maths



Can you remember the class story? Can you retell it to an adult in your house?

Today we are planning our own story today based on Snail and the Whale.

Can you decide on what to change from the original story? In our class story we had an elephant and a mouse as the main characters. Please plan your new story choosing different characters, setting and rescue vehicles.

Now, draw a story map to plan your new ideas and story. Can you read this new story to someone in your house?

Tomorrow we will write our new stories.



Today we are making Mother's Day cards. Can you design a card for someone who helps to look after you, it could be your Mum, Gran or Auntie. Have a think about the people around you and then design a special card with them in mind to give on Mother's Day Sunday 27th March. 





Today we are writing our own story based on Snail and the whale. Have a go at writing your own version by changing the character, setting and rescue vehicle.

Spelling test today good luck!



Check out our sports page to keep active at home! Click the link below and have a go at an activity.