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Week beginning 22nd March






Show the enlarged picture of the cover. Look at the picture and talk to the person next to them about what they see, then encourage them to predict with questions such as:

What do you think will happen in this story?

If the characters/animals were speaking what might they be saying?

Read the story stopping at key points;

  • When Sardul says ‘’ my master is the richest man in the world’
  • When sardul sauntered into the garden, what does that mean?

Ask the children to predict what will happen next, focusing on the Sardul’s decisions and choices:

  • Should Sardul of lied?
  • Why was Sardul so determined to help Jamil?
  • What would you do if you were Jamil?
  • What would you do if you were Sardul? How will the story end?


Green Group

Divide by 10 (2)

Teaching video               Pages 69 and 70 of green booklet          Answers


Monday English resources



Start with our zooming in and out activity, click the link above, can you guess what it is? 




This week we will be looking at woodland habitats, read and discuss the powerpoint below and create your very own woodland scene using the resources below.




Read the shortened story to the class on the IWB with ch joining in where they are able.


Give out parts of the story for the story for children to read (Opening, Build Up, Problem, Resolution, Ending) in mixed groups. Within their groups ch decide on parts to play.


Groups should prepare their part and then be ready to perform to rest of the class each group to perform their part to complete the story.


Each group perform to the rest of the class.



The quiz on IWB as a whole class to test their understanding of the story so far, answering up to  question 9


Tuesday English resources



Green Group

Today we are starting a new block of work on Statistics 

Tally Charts

Teaching video        Pages 2 and 3 of Green booklet Block 2            Answers

Red Group Counting on and back with numbers to 50





Read Jamil’s Clever Cat shortened class story from IWB

Ask why is the story in 5 parts? Why is it in different colours?

Colour matches the part of the story orange- opening, blue- build up, purple problem, red resolution, emerald - ending

Ask ch if they are reminded of any other stories they know? (Puss in Boots)

Read Puss in Boots ebook on the board, or Puss in Boots story if you have it.

Discuss similarities and differences


Wednesday English resources



Green Group

Make tally charts (2)

You watched this video yesterday, today is consolidating your learning.

Teaching video               Pages 4 and 5 of Green Booklet          Answers


The Lost Words activities, click on the link below and choose an activity to complete.




Read the class version of Jamil’s clever cat again, can ch join in adding actions, can the class then draw a text map of the shortened story to help learn each part.

Ask what sort of story is this ? Answer; Rags to Riches  



Green Group

Draw pictograms

Teaching video             Pages 6 and 7 of green booklet             Answers



Make a list when the children have shared a meal together with others - birthdays, anniversaries, for a visitor, in school. Think about why people have a meal with others - to celebrate, to make someone feel welcome, a time with friends. Ask the children to share with the rest of the class a special meal they have had that they enjoyed. Talk about why the meal happened, who it was with and what happened.

Main activity

Hand out circles of paper (the size of the inside, flat area of a paper plate) and ask children to write on them about a special meal they have had. The children can title it 'My Special Meal'. Encourage them to write about why it was special, why they enjoyed it and how it made them feel. This can then be stuck
onto the centre of a paper plate. Children can now use the small squares of paper to draw scenes to accompany their writing - pictures of the food they ate, the people that were there, other things that happened that day. These can be stuck around the edge of the plate.

Alternatively, ask them to draw their special meal straight onto a paper plate and provide a caption to be added underneath.


PLENARY: Read the story of the "Last Supper" to the children or watch it on RE:quest.
Talk about the different feelings Jesus and the disciples must have had. Recap on what Jesus said and
explain to children that Christians today still copy the last supper to help them remember this important event.

Show a video clip of the Eucharist.
There are three videos on this link the third talks about the catholic communion if you wanted to make comparisons.
Ask children to notice things happening that happened in the story of the Last Supper.


Discuss the similarities and differences.




Spelling test, good luck everyone!



Read Jamil’s Clever Cat shortened class story again from IWB

Ask what are the 5 parts of the story? opening, build-up, problem, resolution and ending

Write these on a large piece of paper to display.


If we were going to write our own story what could we change?

Animals -Dog, rabbit, goat, bird, monkey

Jobs -Jeweller, carpet maker, furniture, chairs, hats, shoes, bikes

Names – Tommy, Rob, Luke, Simeon


Encourage children to choose what they would like to change and write on their box up plan for next week





Green Group

Draw pictograms (2)

You watched this video yesterday. This is consolidating your learning.

Teaching video                  Pages 8 and 9 of green booklet            Answers

Red group one more one less numbers to 50



We continue to look at different ways we can perform using our bodies to make different shapes.