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Week beginning 23rd November

Maths    -   Money

Monday -

Assessment of Addition and Subtraction Block 2 (Click on the link below Friday)

Tuesday - 

Recognising coins and notes

Teaching video                 Worksheet 

Wednesday - 

Count money (pence)

Teaching video                 Worksheet

Thursday -

Count money (pounds)

Teaching video                 Worksheet 

Friday - 

Reminder of all the coins and notes we have learned this week. Have a go at making a shop at home and buying items using the coins you know. Activity mat (see below).



Literacy - 

Monday - Read the ebook of pumpkin soup again, can you write your own version of this story, using the Opening, Build Up, Problem, Resolution and Ending to help structure your new story. cCan you change the characters, setting and recipe the animals make?


Tuesday - Homophones

Read the PPT and find out about homophones complete the homophones activity, can you explain to an adult or friend what homophones are? Can you find some new homophones?


Wednesday- The lion in the meadow story

Watch the story of the lion in the meadow by clicking the link below and then label the parts of a lion using the sheet provided.


Thursday - Can you research lions on the internet using different websites and find out 5 fun facts. Remember to ask an adult to help you stay safe when using the internet. Here is a good website to look at.


Friday - Spelling Test



Mondays maths assessment

Friday maths activity mat