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Week beginning 27th September



This week we are working on our poems for the Poetry Competition - this year the title is This Is Me.


Hopefully on Friday you did your words to describe you - if you haven't it would be a very good ideas to try and get that done today.

Today I would like you to watch these videos of other poets writing poems about themselves and start to think about what you would like your poem to be about - do you want it to be about a specific moment in your life, or is it more about you as a person in general. Start jotting down ideas about what sort of poem you would like it to be. Do you know what style/type of poem you would like to write?


Michael Rosen

Mark Grist

Rachel Rooney

Simon Mole

Karl Nova

Allia Zobel-Nola

Sara Hearn

Sergi Cardoza (skip to 2 minutes 10 seconds for the start of the poem)


Which poem is your favourite? Why do you like that one? 


To get you thinking about the type of language you can use I would like you to come up with some similies to describe yourself, try to be as creative and different as you can for example


As funny as a circus full of clowns.


As loving as a mummy koala cuddling her baby.


I'm sure you can do better than me! Use your word list from Friday to help you and see if you can come up with 10 different ones. I have added a GC document for you to type into.

Wednesday and Thursday


This week you need to write your poem for the competition 'This is me' . You need to think about what type of poem you would like to write; I have uploaded some examples of poems below. You can choose to write about one specific moment in your life or write about who you are as a person and what makes you, you.


I have set up a document on GC for you to type straight into, if you do it on here I will upload it onto the competition website.