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Week beginning 27th September

This week the Reading Comprehension on Google Classrooms is a text called Detective Nimble and Falcon Fugitive. On Monday you will have the explain questions, those are like dictionary questions. On Tuesday, you have retrieve which is where the answers are in the text you just need to look for them and Wednesday is interpret which means you need to look in more detail at the text for the answers. On Thursday, you have a choice question where you need to explain your answer in more detail.


If at any point you finish these questions relatively quickly then please log on to EPIC to complete some reading. Our class code this year is yab4099


Log on and get reading.



This week we are going to move on and look at modal verbs. Check out the video below to introduce modal verbs and then complete the activity on GC.

Modal verbs



We are continuing with the work on modal verbs. Today you need to complete the worksheet below thinking about the strength of the degree of possibility each modal verb adds to a sentence - which would mean something was the most or least likely to happen? 



We are going to move on and revise conjunctions. If you need a quick reminder for the purpose of conjunctions then please check out this video.


Then I have uploaded a sheet on GC for you to complete.



Today and tomorrow we are looking at the two different types of conjunctions - coordinating and subordinating conjunctions. Check out the video below on coordinating conjunctions today and then complete the sheet below. 

The FANBOYS Song | Learn about coordinating conjunctions through music and rap with MC Grammar



Today we are going to look at subordinating conjunction. Watch the video below and complete the sheet below, 

The Subordinating Conjunction Song | Rap and learn with MC Grammar