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Week beginning 28th June

Monday 28th June


Green Group

End of Block 3 Shape assessment


Red group

Make patterns with 3D shapes

Teaching activity                     Pages                      Answers



Today we will have a go at writing our own introduction for a monster guide. You can choose your monster and draw and label it to begin with. Read page the introduction on page 3 of the Monsters- An owners guide. Use this as a guide to write your own introduction. 

Tuesday 29th June 


Green Group

Multiplication one step problems 

Watch PPT (up to slide 6)

Multiplication problems ***


Red Group

End of Block 3 Shape assessment

End of Block 3 shape assessment

Multiplication and division PPT (needed for Tuesday and Thursday)



Today we will be writing the next stage of your explanation guide, read pg 9 of the ppt: Playing with Pets.

Think about Shambles, what did we learn about Shambles in this section?Talk about this with an adult. 

Now can you write the next part of the explanation . Notice how the sentence starts ......

Moosifer should never be allowed to play with pets that are taller than him because …..

How could you end this? This could be a suitable starting sentence for your next piece of writing. 

Now have a go at writing the next part of your users guide using ‘Playing with Pets’ as your heading.

Wednesday 30th June


Green Group

Dan the dragon PPT

Multiplication and division word problems


Red Group

Multiplication and Division Block 1

Lesson 1

Recognise equal groups

Teaching activity                         Pages                     Answers

Dan the Dragon



Look at ‘Cleaning and Care’ page 9 of ppt. Read the page to familiarise yourself with the features of this section.


Now can you finish of this sentence?


You must never wash Moosifer with lavender bubble bath because …..

What did you come up with?


This could be a suitable answer


You must never wash Moosifer with lavender bubble bath because he is allergic to purple flowers. The smell will make him behave very strangely! Lumps will grow all over his body and his blue, flecked fur will start to fall out in large clumps. If this happens, you must feed him large spoonfuls of chocolate spread. This will help to calm him down.


Now have a go at writing your next section of your guide use 'Cleaning and Care' as your heading. 

Thursday 1st July


Green Group

Division section of PPT from Tuesday 

Avery labels word problems


Red Group

Lesson 2 Make equal groups

Teaching activity                      Pages                  Answers



Look at page 11 of PPt: there are alot of bullet points for information.

Read an example of what you should do with your toy, by providing the main clause can you predict the ending.


Now have a go at writing the end of this sentence, can you start with a verb?

Let your monster watch Doctor Who because ….


This was ours....


Let Moosifer watch Doctor Who because he will enjoy watching other monsters that look a bit like him. Give him a cushion to hide behind in case it gets too scary. Hide when the programme has finished because Moosifer will be very annoyed and might attack!


Now can you write the next part of your users guide using ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ as the heading.

Can you start your sentences with verbs?


Finally proof read and edit your work. Great work!

Avery labels

Friday 2nd July


Whole class mental maths session - Numbersense



Please read your book for 20 minutes today, can you draw and label a character from your book?


Spelling Test - Good Luck !