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Week beginning 28th March

Grammar Revision

The following videos provide opportunities to revise topics covered this year. 


Watch the video here to explore the function of apostrophes.

Watch the video here to explore subject, verb and object.

Watch the video here to explore expanded noun phrases.

Watch the video here to develop your knowledge of the function of a colon.

Reading Comprehension

Try this non-fiction reading comprehension.

It is set out in the style of a test so will give you experience of answering a range of question types. If the question has more marks, you will need to include more detail in your answer.

Have you heard of Marie Curie?

Try this reading comprehension to find out more about her amazing life. There are three levels of text to choose from - one star is the easiest.


Look at the Y5/6 spelling list. Which words could you spell confidently? Are there any that you need to practise?