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Week beginning 28th March


Maths - Have a go at the starter activity then read the ppt and have a go at the worksheet

English - We are beginning to learn about keeping a diary. Read the diary extracts below. What features can you identify that make a good diary entry?

PSHE - Staying safe and helping others. Read the powerpoint and then choose one of the activities to complete from the worksheets


Maths - Have a go at the starter activity then read the PPt and work through the questions below

English - Today we are looking at pronouns and time words. Can you highlight all the pronouns in yellow and all the time words in pink, how many can you find?



In school we have been practising our observational art skills. This week we are looking closely at shells and having a go at drawing them to scale using sketching pencils and our new sketch books. Can you find something at home to observe and draw in great detail. it could be a shell, or flowers, a bowl of fruit, the choice is yours!

For some tips on how to improve your drawing you could click on  the link below and watch the short video.







We are starting a new book this week 'Dougal's Deep Sea diary' by Simon Bartrram, if you have it at home enjoy reading it with an adult if you don't click on the link below to listen to the story being read. 

Dougal's Deep Sea diary


We are investigating tenses today and will be identifying how the spelling of a word can change the tense to past, present or future. 

Choose a diary entry from Monday and highlight all the words that tell you they are in the past tense. 

Finally, have a go at changing the words on the sheet below, read the spelling rules when adding 'ed' to spell the words correctly.




this week's spellings if you don't have them are on the spelling star. Have a go at practising your new spellings today using one of the activities below.

Finish it...

Ask an adult to write half of the letters of the new spellings, can you finish the spelling? Look at the example, 



Could you change this activity to start it? Ask an adult to leave the first letters of the spelling blank and only show the end letters, can you add in the beginning letters of the spelling?


Speed write

Choose 3-4 of your spellings how many times can you write each on out in one minute?

Have a few attempts. Can you beat your previous score? 



Today we will be using compasses. 

Do you have a compass at home? If you don't do not worry, watch this bbc clip to find out about using compasses.


Using a compass ask an adult to give you  instructions to walk, North, East, South and West. 

If you do not have a compass, ask an adult to identify North, East, South and West in your garden. Then, have fun following your instructions , where do you end up?

Finally, complete the map compass activity sheet attached below.



Maths - We are continuing to think about position and direction. Read through the ppt and have fun with the activities

Reading comprehension. Choose one of the different levelled reading texts and then answer the questions. Remember to write in full sentences where it is appropriate, don't forget to start with capital letters and end with full stops.

ICT - Online Safety




Login to espresso using the link and login codes to watch the video clip staying safe online and then take the quiz below the clip. How much do you remember?

login: student 3792

password: turkey


Espresso has lots of other activities, games, videos, quizzes and books have a look on the website to find an activity of your choice. It could be related to maths, reading, history, science or finding out about what is going on in the world! Happy browsing!


Maths - Today We are finding totals of money. Have a go with these activities. At the end why not play a game of shops with real money. Price up some items and ask someone in your house to come and buy something from your shop!

Spelling Test!

Good luck everyone!



Read the story of the last supper and then think about the conversations Jesus' Disciples may of had between themselves during the meal. How would they be feeling? What would they say to each other?

Choose 2-3 of the Disciples from the list below and write a conversation that they may have between themselves.

Which punctuation can you use from our RWi sessions? Inverted commas? Possessive apostrophes to show belonging? Commas in lists? Which will you use? 













Finally, draw a picture of the Last Supper with Jesus and his Disciples. 




Click on the link below to have a go at some of the activities from our own sports page! 

Get active!