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Week beginning 29th March

Monday 29th - Thursday 1st April


Friday 2nd April - Easter holidays begin


Back to school Monday 19th April




Re read the shortened version of Jamil’s Clever Cat with children following their own text map or one drawn in class.


Share write the opening of the class story 

Once there was a clockwork toy maker called Sam, he lived on the poor side of town and he owned a very clever pig called Tim. One morning, he day dreamed of marrying the princess who lived in the palace, then he and his pig wouldn’t have to work so hard to make and sell toys.

You can use this template for your opening or write your own.



Red and Green group

Draw Pictograms



Science  - Habitats




Share write the build up together giving reminders for power of three, speech writing and using alternatives to said

Sam told Tim of his dream. That afternoon, the pig took the best toys they had made, he skipped, jumped and trotted over the roofs of the city in search of the princess. Eventually, he came to the palace, Tim walked into garden and displayed the clockwork toys. “How beautiful”, said the princess. “My master is the richest man in the world” the pig replied.

When the princess showed her father, he replied “what a generous gift” and decided the pair should marry.


You can use this template to write your build up or write your own.



Red and Green group 

Interpret pictograms







Share write the problem


Excitedly, Tim trotted home and told his master of the Rajah’s request, this made Sam excited that he would be rich, but how could they impress the princess and her family? For the next two days they worked all day and all night making the finest clothes they could. 

Next, Tim invited some guests to the wedding. He went out into the wild jungle and gathered a wild chorus of creatures, neighing unicorns, waddling penguins and howling wolves. What a noise they made on their way to the palace! When they reached the palace the Rajah explained they didn’t have enough room for his many guests. So Sam and his pig went into the palace alone.

Children to complete their own problem




Red and Green group  

Block diagrams

Topic - History





Share write together the Resolution and Ending

The following day, Sam married the princess in the stunning palace. Upon her arrival to her new home, the princess soon realised that he was not a rich prince. Sam confessed that he was only a poor toy maker, she was shocked, but still loved him. With Sam’s help she too became a talented toy maker and everyone wanted to buy her elegant wooden toys.  With lots of hard work she and Sam became rich and built themselves a grand new house. 


Soon after they had settled in their new house, the Rajah and the princess’s mother came to visit, they found the streets covered in jingling toys and were met by cheering crowds. Tim was right, his master was the richest man in the world!

Children complete their own resolution and ending for their stories 

RE - The Easter Story 


Recap on the events in the Easter Story so far. Explain that in this lesson the children will find out what happened next and will understand why this story is so important to Christians.

Read the story of the Crucifixion from a Children's Bible or watch it on RE:quest.


This part of the Easter story is remembered in Churches on Good Friday. This is a time when Christians are sad because they remember Jesus suffering, but it is also a time when they want to say "thank you" to God. Why?

Talk about a time when you ever been in trouble for doing something. How did you feel? How were things put right? Did you say sorry? Did someone forgive you? How did you feel then?

Christians believe that, when Jesus died on the cross, he was taking the punishment for the wrong things that people have done. They believe that, because of this, if we can say sorry to God and be forgiven.

When Christians think about the story of Jesus dying on a cross they remember that Jesus did that so that they can be forgiven by God for all the wrong things that they have done.

How do you think this might make them feel?

Here is a well-known Christian song saying thank you to God for these things. The music is in Junior Praise 235. Is it a sad song?