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Week beginning 29th November

This week we are finishing off our biographies on Katherine Johnson and typing them up. I have created a Google Classroom document for you so you can type it straight into there. If you are looking for the success criteria, it is still loaded on last week's home learning star. 

The Lighthouse


Before we move onto our final unit for the term and as some of us are still finishing off work in class I would like you to write me a story linked to this video. 


You can write as if you are the Lighthouse Keeper or in third person but I want you to try and capture the atmosphere for this piece and how the characters would be feeling. Remember show not tell -we don't always need to say how a character is feeling we can show it through the way they move and how they react to situations. 


I have set up a Google Classrooms document so that you can type it all into. It does not need to be completed in one day. Remember, planning and editing are both vital parts of the writing process so take the time needed to work on the planning before you write up the story. 


For this piece I would like you to focus on 

  • varying sentence starters, 
  • adding description for the character, setting and atmosphere, 
  • using show not tell, 
  • writing in paragraphs, 
  • choosing engaging vocabulary.