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Week beginning 30th November


Monday - count money pounds (notes and coins)

Teaching video                Worksheet

Tuesday - count money (notes and coins)

Teaching video                Worksheet

Wednesday - select money (1) 

Teaching video                Worksheet (complete first page)

Thursday - select money (2)

Teaching video                Worksheet    (complete second page)

Friday - consolidation and times tables practice

Supermovers - money      Investigate Time table rockstars!     Activity mat (see below)







We will be looking at non-fiction texts this week. We will listen to a story all about a lion and then find out lots of exciting information and facts about this amazing animal.



If you have the story 'A lion in a meadow' by Margaret Mahy read it with an adult. If you don't have a copy listen to the story by following the link below.


After you have heard the story label the picture of the lion from the document below, or draw and label your own lion and colour it in carefully. 



Use the powerpoint below to find out some interesting facts about lions. can you find out 3 more facts using your own non-fiction books or by looking some facts up on the internet. If you are using the internet please do it with an adults help.



Can you answer the questions provided below about lions? Remember to answer using full sentences to explain your answers.



Read the report on lions below and highlight the different sections. Can you find the Definition? the Description? Habitat? Lifestyle and Ending? These are all different parts and information that make up a report. 



Spelling test

Good Luck!




Maths Friday Activity mat