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Week beginning 4th April




Today we are boxing up our own diary entries. Think back to the features of a diary entry that you identified and complete the attached planning sheet. It is up to you if you choose to write about your own life or that of another. If you have a favourite character from a story perhaps you could get into role and become that person for a day to enable you to plan your own imaginary diary entry.




Today, use your planning sheet notes write your own diary entry.

Don't forget to include the features such as, writing in chronological order, time words, emotive language, pronouns, thoughts and feelings and writing in the first person.




In class we create short pieces of writing in different styles.

Here are a few ideas, choose one and have a go at making some notes first and then create your piece of writing. Can you use the joins we have been practising in handwriting to make your writing very neat?


Dressing up clothes - Dress up in character or an adult dresses up ready to be interviewed in character. What questions have you always wanted to ask this character?

Story box- Using a box of random objects, choose an object and create a story involving this object. 

Escape- A tiny message has arrived. Someone or something has been captured but they have managed to write an SOS message and tied it to a bird's leg!

How can you help them escape, what will the journey home be like? Can you draw a story map using the five parts of our story writing, opening, build up, problem, resolution and ending and then write your story.

School magazine - A protest is happening to save your school field from being sold for a new housing development. Write a report to be published in the magazine. Don't forget to use a hook to excite your readers and answer the who, what when , where, why questions in your writing.






Choose another short burst writing idea and write in that style.

Weather - We have been learning about weather in class can you write a weather report for the next few days and be filmed.

Monster - A monster appears at school; it could be a dragon that decides to make it home in the bike shed, what will become of the school?

Character beginning - start with a character, what does your character want? Return home? A precious object? What obstacles get in the way? What problems will they face? How will these be resolved? 


Spelling Test!


Please note there are no new spellings set today.


Happy holidays!