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Week beginning 4th October

Monday 4th October


Recap of counting in 2's

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This week we will be learning about fables. Have a look at the pictures attached below. Do you recognise them? Do you know anything about them?


Next, read the fact files on the animals and find out some fascinating facts.

Finally watch some clips clicking on the link below to find out more these amazing animals. and


Tuesday 5th October


Count in 3's

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Read the story of the Frog and the Scorpion. Once you have read it have a think about the phrase ‘it’s in my nature’ what does it mean?

 Do ch think our ‘nature’ make us do things? Do we have a choice or is it just ‘how we are’? Do you know the saying ‘A leopard can’t change its spots’. Do you agree?

Discuss ‘giving people the benefit of the doubt’. What  descriptive words can you think of to describe each animal e.g.

Frog: dependable, kind, gullible (believes what he’s told);

Scorpion: manipulative, cunning, deceitful - makes people do what he wants.   


Think about and discuss together, how behaviour shows characteristics. What does ‘out of character’ mean? Did Scorpion behave out of character? Did Frog?  

Finally, using the sheet attached choose one animal and write as many adjectives to describe it.

Wednesday 6th October




Think of a popular film/book character that is similar to one of the characters we have been reading about; Tortoise and the Hare, Tom and Jerry, Robin Hood, Fox and the Hound could be examples.

Choose one character and write the headings 'Good' and 'Bad'.  Can you write adjectives in each column to describe this character.

Re-read the story of Frog & Scorpion. Do you think there was a ‘goodie’ and a ‘baddie’ in this story?

Suppose Frog and Scorpion didn't make it to the other side of the river and were never seen again! What would their friends say about them? Think about what they might have said to each other. How would Scorpion’s friend justify what he did? What might Frog’s friend say about him?

Using the sheet below draw two friends of Frog and Scorpion in the circles and write a short conversation between them using the speech bubbles. Imagine what each one might say. Try to think as though you  were the friend. Remember to write in whole sentences using capital letters and full stops or exclamation or question marks as appropriate.

Thursday 7th October




Read the fable again, can you read some parts by heart? Have a go at making up some simple actions to go with the story. To help you learn the story by heart, draw a simple story map to help you remember the sequence of the story. When you are confident and have practised lots, show and tell the story to your family. 

Here below is an example of a story map if you need some guidance. 

Friday 8th October




The Frog and the Scorpion is a story known as a fable.

Common features of a fable are: the story often has animals as characters; animals often have opposite characteristics - good vs bad, cheerful vs grumpy, etc; story has a ‘message’ or ‘moral’.

What features of this fable can you identify? 

Using the picture below, can you write 3-4 expanded noun phrases to describe the animal. Remember noun phrases describe the features by using adjectives, it does not include a verb. 

Then can you use the sheet attached describe each of the animals in the pictures. 




Spelling Test!

Please have a go at spelling your words given out last week without looking at them!


Good Luck!