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Week beginning 5th January


Wow, what a frosty morning! I hope you are all nice and warm where you are! We would love to hear how you are getting on. Please let us know

don't forget to put Rosen Class in the subject line so we can spot your messages. Also if you have any questions or ideas that we can share on our page, we'd love to hear them and will do our best to help.


Photos from my frosty garden this morning!


Green group will be finishing off our unit on money.

Red group will be thinking about place value.


Tuesday -

Green group

Find the difference

Teaching video       Pages 36-39 of Money green booklet

Red group

Sort and count objects

Teaching video 1     Pages 2 and 3 of Place value red booklet 

Teaching video 2     Pages 4 and 5 of Place value red booklet


Wednesday -

Green group

Find change

Teaching video     Pages 40-43 of Money Green booklet

Red group

Count objects from a group of 10, represent objects

Teaching video 1   Pages 6 and 7 of Place value booklet

Teaching video 2  Pages 8 and 9 of Place value booklet


Thursday -

Green group

Two-step problems

Teaching video       Pages 44-47 Green money booklet

Red group

Represent numbers to 10, count forwards
Teaching video 1    Pages 10 and 11 of Place value booklet

Teaching video 2   Pages 12 and 13 of Place value booklet


Friday - Supermovers

Activity (see below)



Monday - Inset Day 


Tuesday  - Reading and Comprehension - Days fly By. Read the poem attached and answer the questions below.


Wednesday - Read the poem January by Winifred. C. Marshall, can you add actions to learn the poem by heart? The poem is in the wrong order can you cut it up and reorder it so that it makes sense. 


Thursday - Use the New Years Resolution powerpoint to find out about the history of this tradition. Can you decide on your own New Years Resolutions and write it on your own star. 

Collins English Book

Using your Collins English practice workbook, please complete pages 4 and 5 to practice your letters and handwriting.


Friday - Spelling test

Handwriting - We are going to practice our handwriting using our orange lined books. The back of the orange book will be for handwriting.

Please start from the back of the book to practice the lower letters a, b, c, d, e, f, h, i, j and k, you could write them 10 times for each letter.

Please use the link and watch how we form our letters to ensure we start and end in the right place. Letters should not take up the whole width of the line but should be evenly spaced and the same size. 


English Resources



This term we are thinking about Christianity. We will begin by thinking about our own special books. Christian's read the Bible, this is the special book for this religion. 

Have a think about your own special book and draw a picture of the front cover writing a sentence underneath explaining why it is so special to you. Your sentence could start;

This book is special to me because...


Have a look at the BBC Ten Pieces webpage. Scroll down to get to the First....Then.....Finally section. First watch the video about Ravi Shankar playing the sitar Then move on to the video by Mahtab Hussein and have a go at capturing the ideas of raga and tala (learned in the previous video) using your hands, art materials and a camera. 


From Monday 11 January, CBBC, BBC Two, BBC iPlayer and BBC Red Button will all be offering up lots of content for students including daily lessons which will be made available online too. So watch out for links to this next week.