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Week beginning 7th December


Monday - Make the same amount (1)

Teaching video              Worksheet        Page 1 only

Tuesday - Make the same amount (2)

Watch yesterdays video again to remind you, then...  Worksheet        Page 2   

Wednesday - Compare money

Teaching video              Worksheet

Thursday - Find the total

Teaching video              Worksheet

Friday - Consolidation day! Join in with this Supermovers counting video. Have a go at the activity mat below.




This week we will be writing our own reports all about lions!



Can you find any additional  information and interesting facts using non-fiction books and animal websites such as the Kids National Geographic website.

When you have found enough information can you plan your report using the box up method and sheet below. Remember the features of a good report include writing;  a Definition, a Description, Habitat, Lifestyle and an Ending.


In class we have been thinking about generalisers, have a look at the powerpoint below to find out all about them. Can you think of any to add to your report? 



Have a look at the different examples of reports below, can you find all the features of a report listed on Monday?

Next, can you write your Definition and Description of your report, use the examples of reports to help you 



Can you write the Habitat section of your report today



Can you write the Lifestyle section of your report today



Today you can write the Ending of your report. Remember to add an interesting fact!


Spelling test