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Week beginning 7th February



As a school we have recently changed our scheme for teaching reading and writing to key stage one. Here is a link below for parents to access to help with reading and writing at home.


Oxford Owl





New spellings were given out on Friday, if you have mislaid them you can always find them on the Spelling star on the year two home page.


Have a go at writing out your new spellings using lots of different colours. Can you use colours in a pattern or a variety of shades to make your spellings stand out.


Today, learn all about the Chinese New Year, you can read all about it using the powerpoint below, then make a colourful craft.



Shape work      (please use a ruler)

Draw 2D shapes

Teaching video                  Worksheet                    Answers





Today we are practising using capital letters and full stops correctly. Read through the powerpoint below and then have a go at re-writing the sentences from the alien resource sheet using capital  letters and full stops correctly.



Choose 2-3 of your spellings to practise. How many times can you spell each one in 30 seconds? What is your record? Which spellings are easier? Harder? Why do you think this?


Lines of symmetry

Teaching video              Worksheet              Answers



As usual, lets start our science lesson in the same way as we do each week, with 

                                               Zoom in, zoom out

Did you guess what it was before it was fully zoomed out?

We are continuing our work on living things and their habitats today. We are going to carry out an observation enquiry and would like you to do a bit of role play! Imagine you have been shrunk to an animal that is the size of a pen lid! With your adult, go outside and look under something (eg. a pile of logs) to see what you can find. With luck you will have seen some sort of minibeast? Think about what these creature need to survive.... Hopefully you will identify things like - air, heat, shelter, light, food and safety from predators. Now have a think about where you would like to live, in your role as a small animal/minibeast. Which of the habitats around you would fulfil your requirements and which would not? 

For your recording today, have a go at drawing the animal you were shrunk to the size of. Can you describe how it is suited to the habitat in which you decided to put it? What would happen to your animal if you put it in a different habitat (eg. a pond or the desert)? Share ideas with your adult. How would other imaginary animals survive in each others different habitats?




Lines of symmetry - draw the whole

Teaching video                      Worksheet                    Answers




Today we are going to learn about one of the elements of music - pulse.

First watch this video. Watch and listen carefully to the children. Pause the video after they have performed and rewind to about 50 seconds in. Can you join in with them? Then follow the instructions and sing the 'Slick City Spats' song. Well done!

Next we are going to take part in a lesson by Ms Glover which will help us to understand pulse a bit more. Click here for the lesson. 

I hope you enjoyed your music lesson today.