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Week beginning 7th March






Have a go at writing down all the addition and subtraction number bonds to 20. Can you challenge yourself then find different numbers that add up to 50? or 100? What strategies do you use ? What patterns do you spot?


We are continuing to learn the story of Snail and the Whale. Use the shortened story to retell story, can you add actions?

Can you now answer these questions?

Where did the snail go on her journey?

Can you remember all the different places the animals visited?


Places in the story are called settings, today we will make our own story setting using simple materials.

All you need is a paper plate, if you don’t have this a circle of paper

A split pin, blue tac works just as well

picture or drawing of the whale and snail



Using a paper plate, draw two lines on the plate to split it into quarters. Next, on a separate piece of paper draw a picture of a whale with the snail on his tail and cut it out.

Next, draw the setting in each of the quarters facing inwards e.g. rock, storm, speedboats and bay with the school. 

The whale and snail will be inserted into the middle of the plate using a paper fastener and then will be able to move around.

Enjoy using your craft to retell the story.




Everyone was given new spellings on Friday, please have a go at practising your new spellings. Choose 2-3 words and see how many times can you write them out in one minute!

If you don't have your spellings at home, they are available on the spelling star on our class page.

PSHE - keeping healthy. Read the powerpoint all about healthy teeth and then have ago at the sorting activity