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Week beginning 8th February

Good morning Rosen Class! We hope you had a good weekend? This is the last week before half term and we have some great activities planned for you. As usual please keep in touch and send us photos of what you have been up to. 


We are planning another Google Meet for this week so watch this space.....!

The Countryside Charity are asking people to choose a clear night between 6-14 February 2021, look up at the constellation of Orion and let them know how many stars you can spot. Check out the link and join in!

Monday 8th February 


Joe Wicks is live at 9am on his Body Coach youtube channel. Get your week off to a great, energetic start!



Red Group

Add more (2)

Teaching video                  Page 26 of Red booklet (Block 2)              Answers



Green Group

The ten times table (2)

Teaching video            Pages 39 and 40 of Green Booklet (Block 1)    Answers

Remember you watched this video on Friday, today is consolidating your learning by watching the video again.



This week we have three new sounds, watch the videos below and practise reading and spelling words with these new sounds. Can you make up a sentence using some of the new words?








Have a look at this weeks new spellings, how many times can you write each in 30 seconds?



It will be the Chinese New Year on Friday 12th February.  Use the powerpoint to find out about China and how they celebrate their New year.


Watch the clip from previous New year celebrations


Can you follow the instructions to create your own origami party hat!

Once it is made, decorate it however you wish! Can you create anymore for family members to wear?

Click the link to try other hats, some are easier than others!


Don’t forget to send in a photo of your creations



Today is our first afternoon of art activities. All the activities are linked to our work on The Snail and the Whale. This afternoon we are going to think about the artist Henri Matisse. First watch the video of the book Snail Trail.

Follow the link to Tate Kids and have a go at making your own Matisse style collage. Don't worry if you don't have coloured paper. Maybe you could use magazine pages or colour in some white paper or use leaves? We would love to see how you get on, send us some photos!

I have included here a photo (sorry I couldn't make it any bigger) which shows how to make some edible snails! It mentions 'subtraction snails' because an idea is to use them to do some maths - but that is only an idea - you may just want to eat them all up!                                                      



I hope you enjoyed our snail based art activities today. Look out for some more exciting activities as the week goes on!

Tuesday 9th February



Red Group

Using bonds

Teaching video            Pages 27 and 28 of Red booklet (Block 2)         Answers                 

Green group

Make equal groups - sharing (1)

Teaching video            Pages 41 and 42 of Green booklet (Block 1)      Answers



Using year 2 tricky words which one is the correct spelling?

farfer, farther, farher, father

emprove, improve, improof, improve

after, arfter, rfter, aftir



2021 is the year of the Ox. Read the Chinese New Year story below. Can you retell this story in your own words. 


Now list the animals and the years in order that they finished the race using ordinal numbers

For example

Rat = first year

Ox = 


Can you can retell the story using your own soft toys and props and then make a comic strip version of the story.

Tuesday English resources

ICT e-safety                        





Active Bytes lesson

Jessie and Friends video  watch Episode 3 - Playing games - see below for when to pause for learning/questions

Pause at 2:20 Check children recognise that Jessie and her friends are playing a game online. They are controlling characters in the 'game/story' online. Emphasise how impressed you are when Jessie stops when it is time for tea!

Pause at 4:43 What do you think Jessie's idea is? You may also want to ask the class if they have any advice for Miss Humphrey to help her make sure the children are on task!

Pause at 6:28 Check children understand what Amber has done in tricking them to tell her their power words so that she can use their power words to attack them rather that Dr Yekl.

Emphasise - play with school friends you know. It is OK to say no.

Build understanding of power words

  • Ask children if they can remember Mo, Tia and Jessie's power words (wise, strong, fearless)
  • Ask what they mean. Why do they think the children chose those words? (They are all positive, personal characteristics)
  • Explain that in the game Avelzon players can share power words with their real friends to get more power and to work in a team. Ask: What happened when they shared their power words with someone they didn't know? (she tricked them by turning their powers against them and they lost the game).


Matching Manipulation game (in pairs - adult/child or child/child) 

  •  Re-watch 2:22 - 2:37 What should Jessie do at this point? (Show the message to a trusted adult to check this is okay) What did Jessie do? (Started to message the person)
  • Continue to re-watch up to 3:16 Check children have realised that Jessie is messaging with Amber online
  • In pairs, children cut out the pictures and text (see resources below).
  • Ask children to match the picture to the description.
  • Check responses. Do the children recognise these as all ways that Amber tried to trick the three friends into telling her their power words?

This is a poster you might want to print out and keep near your devices to remind you about staying safe online

Wednesday 10th February


Today is our second Google Meet at 2pm. Log in to Google Classroom and go to the calendar then join the event! Please can we ask that you mute your microphone unless you are speaking to everyone, it can be really hard to run these meetings when there is a lot of background noise. Please have something ready to share with your friends! Thank you. See you there.....





Red Group

Finding a part (1)

Teaching video                  Pages 29 and 30 of Red Booklet (Block 2)     Answers


Green Group

Make equal groups - sharing (2) 

Teaching video                 Page 43 of Green booklet (Block 1)                Answers

Remember you watched this video on yesterday, today is consolidating your learning by watching the video again.



Practise your spellings using the look, cover, check, spell sheet



Here is a Chinese new year poem for you to learn.


Dragons, lions

Red and gold

In with the New Year

Out with the old


Banners flying

Bands playing 

Lions prancing

Dragons swaying 


Fireworks crackling,

Lanterns swinging,

People laughing,

Dancing, singing.


Dragons, lions,

Red and gold.

In with the New Year,

Out with the old.


Each verse of the poem is called a stanza, there are four stanza’s in this poem.


Can you learn the poem, make up some actions to help you remember it and draw a picture to represent each stanza?






Today we will make our own snail habitats using a cereal box. You can be as creative as you wish. Remember snails like dark and cosy spaces, you could use different resources and textures to keep your snail active when moving around. You could even look in your garden for resources to use to make your habitat come alive! 

Please send in photo's of your creations we would love to see them. smiley









Thursday 11th February



Red Group

Finding a part (2)

Teaching video                  Page 31 of Red Booklet (Block 2)               Answers

Remember you watched this video on yesterday, today is consolidating your learning by watching the video again.


Green Group

Make equal groups - sharing

Teaching video                  Page 44 and 45 of Green Booklet (Block 1)               Answers




Using each of the spellings this week can an adult jumble up the letters in each word, can you then unjumble the words to spell each word correctly.



Re-read PPT1 from Monday's lesson on how is Chinese new year celebrated, can you explain all the different activities that Chinese people do to get ready for their New Year celebration.


On Get Epic there are some brilliant books all about Chinese New Year, log on and search for a fiction or non fiction book to read more about this special time


We thought you might enjoy making your own snail from the story we have been learning about for the last few weeks.

This is (quite a long!) video about how to make a clay snail. Obviously it's a different shape to the snail in the story but it is full of useful tips. One of the key things to remember about clay is that it is a very different type of medium to plasticine and playdoh. It will dry out, crack and crumble the more you mould it and if you overwork it. 

It is air drying clay so after about a week it will be dry enough to decorate.

Have fun and we would love to see some photographs of your snails when they are finished.

Friday 12th February


As the half-term break is nearly upon us, we wanted to take some time to thank you all for the tremendous support that you have given your children and the school during these challenging times. We do not underestimate the demands that are placed on you each day as you balance your own working lives alongside helping and supporting your children with their learning.


Hung hey fat choi! or Happy Chinese New Year

Watch the powerpoint (below Art) below to continue your learning about this festival



Something different today! Chinese New Year Mystery Game. Use your maths skills to follow the clues and find out who the thief is! This activity is quite tricky, if you feel it is too much for your child, let them have a go on mymaths or TimesTable Rockstars.

If your child has completed all their maths tasks and you need something else for them to do in maths don't forget you have the photocopied workbooks (mentioned in parent letter dated 13.1.21 see main page). There is also work set on mymaths (password on passwords page of BHBoE, times table practice on TTRockstars and try this site too!


Spelling test = Good Luck!




Please complete question 10 and 11 on page 8 and question 12 on page 9 of your Collins book. 

Please continue your handwriting at the back  of your orange book, this week we will practise the capital letters; E F G and H. 


Finally, follow the instructions to make your own Chinese lantern, decorate it using traditional colours and hang it up for everyone to see. 


As today is the last day of the half term we have some fun art based activities for you to do linked to Chinese New Year. If you haven't already, look at the powerpoint first to learn about Chinese New Year. I have put lots of activities on here - you don't have to do them all, just choose ones that you like. If you don't have access to a printer maybe you could make some paper chains with chinese letters on or draw a chinese dragon. You will find lots of inspiration if you search online.

Just a quick note about the'paper lantern2' activity - ignore instruction 3. where it says fold along the grey lines (folded and dotted) !


The Lion Dance

The traditional lion dance seen at Chinese New Year originates from the legend of the monster known as Nian. You can read all about the legend in our illustrated Story of Nian.

Street celebrations often include a performance of the lion dance which is thought to bring good luck. There are usually two dancers. One acts as the head and the other the body. They dance to a drum, cymbals and a gong. On the head of the lion is mirror so that evil spirits will be frightened away by their own reflections. As the lion runs along the streets he begins to visit different places. On his way he meets another person, the ‘Laughing Buddha’ who is dressed in monk’s robes and a mask. He teases the lion with a fan made of banana-leaves which makes the lion jump around.


The lion dancers need to be very fit. As the lion moves from place to place he looks for some green vegetables such as lettuce which are hung above the doors of houses or businesses. Hidden in the leaves is a red packet of money. The lion eats the lettuce and red packet. He then scatters lettuce leaves to symbolize a fresh start for the new year and the spreading of good luck.


Watch the lion dance using the clip above, can you make up your own lion dance, weaving through your house and garden. If you have any dressing up clothes or head wear use these to enhance your own unique dragon dance!


Don't forget that it's half term next week. Back to (home) school on Tuesday 23rd February (Monday 22nd is INSET). 

During half term, on Tuesday 16th of February, it is Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day - we hope you have lots of yummy pancakes!

Do you want to learn how to juggle? Mrs Fielding has put a new section on the Get Active page with lots of handy tips. Give it a go in half term!

Here are a couple more snail and whale art activities for you to do in half term if you would like....

Easy paper snail tutorial

Paper whale craft for kids