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Week beginning 8th November

Tuesday 9th November


Find and make number bonds

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We are still learning about Pumpkin soup this week. 

Read the shortened story again, this week we are learning this version of the story so that we can write our own next week using this style of writing.

Can you talk about the setting. Answering questions such as what is it ? Where is it?

You might notice that the shortened version of Pumpkin Soup it is split up into 5 parts, these parts have names they are:

Opening, Build-up, Problem, Resolution and Ending. Have you spotted how the initial letter of the section matches the colour. Can you explain in your own words what happens in each part? 

Wednesday 10th November




Can you re-read the shortened story with someone in your family? Can you make up some actions to match parts of the story.

Today we will be drawing our own story map. When we draw story maps, we use small pictures to match the story instead of words. This helps everyone to learn the story. Have a look at the example below and then have a go at drawing your own story map for the shortened version of Pumpkin Soup. 


Bonds to 100

Teaching video                       Worksheet                   Answers

Thursday 11th November




Today we will be thinking about how we can change the original story to make it our own. Make lists of different settings, animals, houses and recipes, all things that could be changed for you to write your own story,


Using your story map from yesterday cross out parts of the story and draw or write new characters that you have chosen. Can you change the setting, house, animals and what they make.