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Week beginning Mon 15th June

Friday 19th June

Good Morning Everyone! Hope you are having a good week?

Activities for today:-



Please continue with the White Rose Home Learning Activities. You will find the worksheets if you scroll down. If you have finished these for the week, that’s fantastic! There are also some new tasks set on MyMaths to revise addition and symmetry.


English – Writing

Today we will be writing a recount of our minibeast hunt. Hopefully you have your map from Wednesday which will be the plan for your writing. A recount is a narrative of events in chronological/time order, therefore you will be using time connectives like, firstly, next, after, finally to begin some of your sentences. Also, it would be great if you could use some interesting verbs to make your writing interesting. I’m going to use the plan from Wednesday to give you some ideas.



Picture 1
Picture 2

Did you spot the time connectives and interesting verbs?

Now it’s your turn, don’t forget your neat handwriting and punctuation! We would love to read your recounts, so please send them to our learningat.home email address.


Quest – Science and DT


We are continuing our theme of minibeasts and habitats. Today we would like you to design and make a home for a minibeast. When you are thinking about your design you will need to make sure it has everything it needs for survival (water, oxygen, food, shelter). Some questions to get you thinking:-


What minibeast will you choose? (ladybird, woodlouse, spider, snail etc)

What is its normal habitat/home like? (dark, damp, wet, light, dry)

What materials will you use? There might be natural materials lying around in your garden (leaves, sticks, stones, twigs etc)

What will the shelter/home look like?

How will it get its water?

How will it get its oxygen?

Where will its food come from?


Once you have made your minibeast home perhaps you could make some labels to show where it will get everything it needs to survive. Then take a photo! Please send them in to our learningat.home email as we would love to see your minibeast homes!


Enjoy your learning and have a lovely weekend!




Wednesday 17th June


Hello everyone!


Here are your activities for today:




Please continue to work through your White Rose activity – Week 8

Click on the link to watch the video and also to take you to BBC Bitesize for extra activities.  The worksheets are attached below for this week.





Get mum or dad to test you on last week’s spellings:


careless, hopeless, breathless, fearless, helpless, useless




ear, fear, gear, near, beard, clear


How did you do?


Today we are adding the suffix –ment. 

When we add a suffix to a root word, we change its meaning.

We can add the suffix -ment to a verb to make a noun:

enjoy + ment = enjoyment



Click on the link below to take you to the dots and dashes activity.

Now read through these words:









Please learn them ready for next week.


If these words are a bit tricky for you, then please practise these words instead:








Hopefully you’ve enjoyed going on a minibeast hunt this week.

Today, we’d like you to draw a plan for your hunt.  Have a look at mine below to give you some ideas:


This will help you with your writing on Friday.


Quest - Science


Today, we would like you to draw a detailed picture of a minibeast.  This could be a minibeast you found when you were out hunting this week or a favourite creepy crawly.


Have a look at these fun activities to get you started:


Here are some images of a bee, ladybird and ant which you can look at from lots of angles to see all the details:


If your chosen minibeast is different, then the National Geographic site has lots of photographs of insects.


Can you label the legs, antennae, abdomen, thorax, head, wings? 

Does your creature have a stinger?


Please send in your drawings, we’d love to see them.


Happy Wednesday!

Tuesdays and Thursdays every week


Remember to use Tuesdays and Thursdays to catch up on anything from the previous day, or to explore some of the many online games and activities available.  We have included some new websites for you to explore.


Please continue your daily White Rose activities, click on the link here to watch the video and then the worksheets are attached below.


Check My Maths too and see if you've completed all the activities.


Also, take a look at the Premier League Primary Stars website for both maths and spelling activities.


Please continue to read every day, there is a website called Harper Collins which has a range of books for you to read and explore.  You will need your mum or dad to register for free and then there are many books to choose from.

Collins Website

Also on this site, you can find songs and maths games, just follow the links.




I wonder what minibeasts you have found so far this week?  Hopefully you've discovered lots of different ones and taken note of where they live.

There are lots of creepy crawlies all over the world, I thought you may like to find out about some deadly ones!  Take a look at the Deadly 60 below to learn about some minibeasts around the world.



There are lots of lovely 'minibeast' activities on The Woodland Trust website, especially for those of you who like being creative!  Click on the link below:


Forest School


Head over to Miss Brimble's Forest School page to find lots of fun activities to explore.





Check out the Get Active page for lots of ideas for keeping fit.  Mrs Fielding has added lots of links to fun activities for you to do.

Monday 15th June


Good morning everyone! Hope you are all well today? Our activities are as follows:-



Please continue with White Rose Home Learning week 8, which revises 2d and 3d shape. You will find extra information linked on BBC Bitesize. The worksheets are attached below. We have also attached some mastery activity cards if your child is in need of a greater challenge!


English - Reading Comprehension

This week in our Quest we are going to be thinking about minibeasts. So here is a lovely book from the oxford owl library. Click here to register  for free access to hundreds of ebooks or on the book for a direct link to Bug Buzz.



When you have read the book, have a go at the questions below. You can talk about the answers with an adult or record them on paper.


1. What do all insects have? (page 5)

2. How many years have insects lived on the Earth? (page 7)

3. What do insects hatch from? (page 10)

4. What does a butterfly start its life as? (page 11)

5. What is the name given to an insect's special eyes? (page 12)

6. What is the most interesting fact you found out?

7. What is the purpose of the glossary? (page 24)


Quest - Science


This week we are going to be learning about minibeasts. Click here to watch the bbc clip Magnificent Minibeasts. Did you spot how some minibeasts use camouflage to protect themselves?


And click here for a bit more information about minibeasts.


Now you know a bit about minibeasts, are you ready to find some?



We would like you to go on a minibeast hunt! You could do this in your garden or in a local park or woodland area with an adult. (Please remember your social distancing!)

You will need to look on plants, flowers and trees and maybe under logs and stones. Take care to put items back where you found them as these are part of the minibeast's habitat.


You could make a list of your your findings or perhaps take some photos. There is an identification sheet attached below.


Later in the week, we would like you to write about your minibeast hunt, so please take care of your memories!


Happy hunting!