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Week beginning Mon 1st June

Friday 5th June

Activities for today!


Continue with the daily White Rose home learning activities for this week. You will find the worksheets if you scroll down. Friday has a family challenge that you might like to have a go at! If you have finished the activities, then please log in to MyMaths. Two new tasks have been set.



Hopefully you have chosen your sea creature and written some notes to help you write your report today. A report is like a fact file and gives the reader interesting information. 

You need to write your report using these headings and layout:


(Title) All about ________________


Picture (Draw and colour a picture of your chosen sea creature)


What do they look like?


(Use lots of adjectives to describe them including verbs to describe how they move.)


What do they eat?


(Tell me how much they eat and where they find their food)


Do they have any predators?


(Are they scared of any other sea creature? Why? Use the conjunction ‘because’ to explain your answer)


Amazing Fact


(Tell me one amazing fact about your creature that will blow my mind!! Don’t forget to use an exclamation mark!)


We would love to read your sea creature reports, so do send photos in to


Quest - Science


What 4 things do animals need to survive?

Click here on bbc bitesize to find out.


Fish have some pretty fabulous ways to survive.

Click here on bbc bitesize here to find out.


What are gills for?

How do some fish camouflage themselves and why?


Fish and sea creatures live in a variety of habitats. Its habitat is the place where it lives and can find everything it needs for survival.

Click here on Espresso to find out about ocean habitats. 


Why do fish swim in shoals?


On Monday it will be World Ocean Day! To celebrate we would like you to make a shoebox ocean aquarium. It could look something a bit like this.





So maybe today you could do a little bit of preparation, like:

- find a shoe box or similar and paint or ‘line’ the inside an ocean colour

- make a list of sea creatures you would like to include


Hope you enjoy this!


PS There is a fantastic website ‘World Ocean Day for schools’ which has lots of interesting live streamed videos and workshops this coming Monday. Click on the picture below to find out.





Wednesday 3rd June


Hello everyone!


Here are your activities for today:



Please continue to work through your White Rose activity – Week 6

Click on the link to watch the video and also to take you to BBC Bitesize for extra activities.  The worksheets are attached below for this week so you can either print out or answer them on paper.





Get mum or dad to test you on the spellings from before half term:


Capital, tropical, sandal, animal, magical, festival




Today, ask, by, my, one, once


How did you do?


Today we are adding the suffix -ful to a root word to make an adjective:
cheer + ful makes the word cheerful.

Click on the link below to take you to the dots and dashes activity.



Now read through these words:









Please learn them ready for next week.


If these words are a bit tricky for you, then please practise spelling the days of the week instead:










Our literacy today is going to link with our quest.  Have you chosen a sea creature to focus on?

Watch this BBC clip about sea creatures.

Can you write notes?  Remember we have done this in school.  Watch the clip once and then watch again and pause so you can jot down interesting things you find out.


  • An octopus has 8 tentacles
  • Their body goes first when they move ….



Quest - Art


Have a look at images of your chosen sea creature, can you draw or paint it, or even make a model of it?

Try and be accurate e.g. if you choose an octopus, make sure you look closely at the tentacles.  Or if you choose a dolphin, look carefully at the shape of the fin.

Have a look on the National Geographic website to find lots of amazing photographs, just type your chosen animal into the search.

Do you know what all the parts of your sea creature are called?


Please send in any of your pictures or models for us to see.


Happy Wednesday!

Tuesdays and Thursdays every week


Remember to use Tuesdays and Thursdays to catch up on anything from the previous day, or to explore some of the many online games and activities available.  We have included some new websites for you to explore.


Please continue your daily White Rose activities, click on the link here to watch the video and then the worksheets are attached below.


Check My Maths too and see if you've completed all the activities.


Also, take a look at the Premier League Primary Stars website for both maths and spelling activities.


Please continue to read every day, there is a website called Harper Collins which has a range of books for you to read and explore.  You will need your mum or dad to register for free and then there are many books to choose from.

Collins Website

Also on this site, you can find songs and maths games, just follow the links.




Yesterday was World Oceans day. Click here for a short video clip showing how amazing our oceans are. Now look up close by looking at google earth- oceans and here.



Forest School


Head over to Miss Brimble's Forest School page to find out about a new 30 day Wild Challenge, set up by The Wildlife Trust, there are lots of fun activities to explore.




National Book Tokens is running a competition.  It is to design a book token for your class.  Have a look here.  Can you design one for Tomlinson Class or Rosen Class?  If you send your entry to National Book Tokens, you may win a prize!




Check out the Get Active page for lots of ideas for keeping fit.  Mrs Fielding has added lots of links to fun activities for you to do.


Monday 1st June



Please continue with the White Rose Home learning programme. Today's lesson is Summer week 6, day 1 and it is revision of the 10xtable. The worksheets and answer sheets for the week are attached below.

English - Reading

Our Quest continues to be Blue Planet and this half term we will will be learning about the creatures and plants that live in our wonderful world. To get us started we are going to read a rhyming story called 'Commotion in the Ocean' by Giles Andreae. Click on the picture below.



Can you answer these comprehension questions by reading the text again and pausing where necessary? You can talk through the answers with a grown up or record them on paper.

1. Why does the crab like walking sideways?

2. Why do the turtles crawl up on the beach from the water?

3. How do dolphins speak?

4. Who thinks she is the prettiest in the sea?

5. Why do you think the shark wants creatures to 'come a bit closer' to its jaws?

6. What was your favourite creature in the book?

7. Did you spot any rhyming words e.g. why and spy?


Later in the week we would like you to collect some facts and write a report about a sea creature of your own choice! Perhaps you could start investigating some creatures before you make your choice. There are some links in the Quest section below.


Quest - Science

There are lots of different types of animals. They can be grouped by their characteristics that make them similar. Click here to watch a bbc clip and find out about fish, reptiles, amphibians, birds and mammals. 

There is an activity attached below for grouping animals.

So, what makes a fish a fish? How is it different to other groups of animals?


Find below a variety of clips about fish and sea creatures. We hope these will help you to find the creature you want to write your report about later in the week. 


BBC Bitesize Animal Clips

CBBC Deadly 60! 

CBeebies Andy's Aquatic Adventures


Also if you do get the chance to go for a walk with an adult you may be able to visit a steam or river and observe some fish in real life (though, please take care near water!)


Have a lovely day and enjoy your fishy learning!