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Week beginning Mon 29th June

Friday 3rd July

Good morning everybody! Your activities are as follows:-



Please continue with your White Rose Home Learning activities, week 10. If you have finished, that is brilliant!  For an extra challenge, there is the White Rose Friday Challenge or two new activities on MyMaths, focusing on measure. Your log-in for MyMaths should be in the front of your BHBOE.


English - Writing

Today we would like you to use the story map that you made on Wednesday to write the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Your story may start like this:-

Once upon a time, deep in the countryside lived a mother and her son, Jack. They were very poor and hungry. So, Jack’s Mum asked him to take their cow to market and sell her for some golden coins. Jack was very sad, as he led Daisy along the lane. Suddenly, a strange man appeared ……


When you are writing, try to remember the following:

- full stops and capital letters

- interesting adjectives and verbs

- different sentence starters, see attached list below for ideas


Enjoy your writing and please email your stories to us. We would love to read them.



Quest – Science

I wonder if you are starting to notice any changes to your cress and beans?

Here is my cress after 2 days and now after 5 days.


After 2 days

After 2 days 1
After 2 days 2

After 5 days

After 5 days 1
After 5 days 2

The seeds that were not given water have not grown at all. The seeds that were given water, but no light have grown, but the leaves are yellow. The seeds that were given water and light have grown and the leaves are green. Have you had the same results as me? I wonder why the seeds grown in the dark have yellow leaves and will they turn green? 

We will continue to observe our cress, through the coming week. Remember to keep watering the seeds that need water.


Also remember to keep your beans damp and continue to keep your diary to show any changes to the bean.


Plants are an important source of food for humans. Vegetables come from plants and are a healthy part of our diet.

Click on the picture to watch a bbc bitesize clip about growing vegetables from seeds.



Possible Activities:

  • If you know someone with a vegetable garden perhaps you could ask them to show you what they are growing. Maybe you could help them with a bit of gardening?


  • Try to grow a vegetable of your own choice from seed or a plant. Many will grow in small containers.


  • Write an alphabetical list of vegetables with pictures to match. 


  • Help to cook some vegetables.




(Advanced warning …. On Monday, one of the possible DT activities will be to design and make either a fruit salad or vegetable salad!)


Have a lovely weekend!


Wednesday 1st July


Hello everyone!


Here are your activities for today:



Please continue to work through your White Rose activity – Week 10





Get mum or dad to test you on last week’s spellings:















How did you do?

Today we are learning about words ending in y and what happens when we need to add ‘es’ to them.

root word

swap y to i before adding -es














Here is a rhyme about it! Ask yourself this before you
 add -es:

  I spy a y.

  Does it change to an i?



Click on the link below to take you to the dots and dashes activity.

Now read through these words:








Please learn them ready for next week.


If these words are a bit tricky for you, then please practise these words instead:








I hope you enjoyed the story of Jack and the Beanstalk on Monday.  Today we would like you to draw a story map of the tale.

Have a look at the picture below to give you an idea.  Remember you could add any phrases from the story too.


Quest - Science


On Monday you started finding out about seeds and what they need to start growing.  I wonder how your experiment is going?  Don’t forget to keep watering the ones that need it!


Today we are going to look at another plant…the BEAN!


Now, there are lots of different types of bean, I wonder if you have a favourite?  I personally love runner beans!

Watch the clip below showing how a runner bean grows:

BBC Bitesize -


We are going to carry out another investigation today to try and show how a bean grows.  The nutrients are inside the bean initially, so once the bean has started to grow you can transfer it to a pot with soil or in your garden.


Here are your instructions:


You will need:

A bean or 2

A plastic polypocket or sandwich bag

Kitchen roll


Firstly take your piece of kitchen roll and make it damp.  Then place this inside your plastic bag.

Then put your bean inside the bag, making sure it is touching the kitchen roll.

Put your bag in a window so it gets the light, ask your mum or dad first if you can use blu tack or cellotape!


Make sure the kitchen roll remains damp. 


We are going to keep a little diary of what happens, so today is Day 1, you could draw a diagram of what we did and label the different things we used.

Follow the link below to make your own little booklet:


Here is my Day 1:



Have a look at my photos below to show how I have set up my experiment (with a little help from my children!):



Happy Wednesday!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Tuesdays and Thursdays every week


Remember to use Tuesdays and Thursdays to catch up on anything from the previous day, or to explore some of the many online games and activities available.  We have included some new websites for you to explore.


Please continue your daily White Rose activities, click on the link here to watch the video and then the worksheets are attached below.


Check My Maths too and see if you've completed all the activities.



Please continue to read every day, there is a website called Harper Collins which has a range of books for you to read and explore.  You will need your mum or dad to register for free and then there are many books to choose from.

Collins Website






Click the link below to follow a tutorial on how to draw a sunflower.

How to draw a sunflower


A few weeks ago we put a link to Drawing with Rob, lots of children in school have been enjoying following his tutorials, so I thought I would add the link again!



Forest School


Head over to Miss Brimble's Forest School page to find lots of fun activities to explore.





Check out the Get Active page for lots of ideas for keeping fit.  Mrs Fielding has added lots of links to fun activities for you to do.

Monday 29th June

Good morning all! Hope you had a good weekend?


Activities for today are:-



Please continue with your White Rose Home Learning week 10. The focus of the lessons is measuring mass and volume. This is an area that we haven't yet covered in year 2, so the children may need a little more support than usual. Extra advice and links to BBC bitesize are provided. Also, you can support understanding in measurement by doing lots of practical activities like weighing, cooking, water play with jugs and different containers and finding measurements on cans and bottles. The worksheets are attached below.

English – Reading Comprehension


Click on the book to read a favourite traditional tale 'Jack and the Beanstalk'.




  1. Why did Jack have to sell the cow?
  2. How did Jack’s Mum feel about the magic beans he had swapped for the cow?
  3. What did the giantess do for Jack when he entered the castle?
  4. Why did Jack leave the castle?
  5. Why did Jack take the hen with him when he left the castle?
  6. What did Jack ask his mum to get as he scrambled down the beanstalk?
  7. Why were Jack and his Mum never poor again?


Quest - Science

Today we are going to be learning about seeds and what they need to grow.

Let’s start by listening to The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle

What did the tiny seed need to grow?


Click here for a bbc bitesize clip on what plants need to grow.


Today’s investigation!

Can we prove that seeds need light and water to grow?

What we will do:-

Take 4 small pots or trays. Put some layers of kitchen towel on the bottom. Sprinkle some cress seeds over the paper towel in all 4 pots.

Then, put two of the pots in the day light, such as on a window cill. And put two of the pots in the dark. This could be inside a box or in a dark cupboard.

Next, give some water to one of the pots in the light and one of the pots in the dark. The kitchen paper will need to be saturated with water. The other two pots will receive no water at all. This is what my investigation looks like:-


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

You will need to check on your seeds that need to be watered on a daily basis. Try to keep the seeds damp at all times.

I wonder ………what do you think will happen to the seeds in each of the pots? There is a sheet attached to write down your predictions (what you think will happen).

I will keep some photos of mine to share with you in the coming days.


Enjoy being a scientist! smiley

Also, as we were learning about minibeasts and life cycles last week I thought you would be interested to know that Lily's snails have laid eggs! Can you spot them in the photo?