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Week beginning Mon 8th June

Friday 12th June

Good morning everyone! Your activities today are as follows: -



Please continue with the White Rose Home Learning for the week. Scroll down to find all the sheets. If you have finished, that’s great! There is the Friday Family Challenge to have a go at or you might like to continue with MyMaths. We have set two more revision activities focusing on number facts and 3d shapes.



Today we are going to use the notes that we made on Wednesday to write an extra page for Commotion in the Ocean. If you want to refresh your memory of this book then click here.

Each page of the book contains a stanza (verse) because it is part of a poem. Most of the stanzas are 4 lines and have a rhyming pattern.  So, here is my stanza, using the notes from Wednesday. Don’t worry about rhyming the words, though, as this is tricky!

Picture 1
Picture 2


Once you have written the stanza for your page, you could have a go at illustrating it in the same style as the book. Good luck, poets!


Quest – Science


Today we are learning about living creatures and their food chains. Click here to find out more.


Also, have a look at the power point below.



You could make a food chain mobile, like the one in the picture, but instead of a woodland food chain, have a go at making an ocean food chain. (You could use the example given in the bbc clip to help you.)



There is a cutting and sticking activity to make food chains attached below.


Have a good day and a lovely weekend.



Wednesday 10th June


Hello everyone!


Here are your activities for today:




Please continue to work through your White Rose activity – Week 7

Click on the link to watch the video and also to take you to BBC Bitesize for extra activities.  The worksheets are attached below for this week.






Get mum or dad to test you on last week’s spellings:


cheerful, wonderful, colourful, hopeful, careful, beautiful



Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday


How did you do?


Today we are adding the suffix -less to other root words. We don’t have to swap, double or drop any letters when we add the suffix -less. Here is the rule:

If a suffix starts with a consonant letter (-less), it is almost always just added straight on to a root word. No changes are made to the root word.



Click on the link below to take you to the dots and dashes activity.

Now read through these words:








Please learn them ready for next week.


If these words are a bit tricky for you, then please practise these words instead:








Have another listen to the story ‘Commotion in the Ocean’.  We’d like you to create your own page for the story.  So today, can you choose a creature, and draw it in the middle of a piece of paper, then write lots of adjectives and verbs around the outside to describe what it looks like and how it moves.  Have a look at mine to give you some ideas:

This will give you lots of ideas for your writing on Friday!

Quest - Science


Today, we would like you to think about another way some creatures adapt to survive.


Click on the link below to find out more about how some sea creatures camouflage themselves:


BBC Clip


There are different types of camouflage, have a look at the information below:


Have a go at one or more of these activities:


1. Make your own camouflage picture:

You could collect leaves and twigs from outside and arrange on paper, then add some creatures – how will you camouflage them?



2. Look at the activity below about how to camouflage a creature in your classroom (or house at the moment!)



3. Maybe you have a soft toy or a plastic animal that you could try and camouflage? 


You could take it into the garden and use natural objects, or you could use collage materials. Be careful not to be too good and lose your toy though!!  Take a photograph and challenge your family to see if they can spot it.



Have fun!

Tuesdays and Thursdays every week


Remember to use Tuesdays and Thursdays to catch up on anything from the previous day, or to explore some of the many online games and activities available.  We have included some new websites for you to explore.


Please continue your daily White Rose activities, click on the link here to watch the video and then the worksheets are attached below.


Check My Maths too and see if you've completed all the activities.


Also, take a look at the Premier League Primary Stars website for both maths and spelling activities.


Please continue to read every day, there is a website called Harper Collins which has a range of books for you to read and explore.  You will need your mum or dad to register for free and then there are many books to choose from.

Collins Website

Also on this site, you can find songs and maths games, just follow the links.




Yesterday was World Oceans day. Click here for a short video clip showing how amazing our oceans are. Now look up close by looking at google earth- oceans and here.



Forest School


Head over to Miss Brimble's Forest School page to find out about a new 30 day Wild Challenge, set up by The Wildlife Trust, there are lots of fun activities to explore.






Check out the Get Active page for lots of ideas for keeping fit.  Mrs Fielding has added lots of links to fun activities for you to do.


Monday 8th of June   

Welcome to World Ocean Day. Don't forget to have a look at the World Oceans Day for Schools Website. There is a fantastic range of online activities for today. Click below to find out.







Please continue with White Rose Maths Home Learning week 7. This week we will be revising fractions. There are also linked activities on BBC Bitesize to extend understanding and we have attached some higher level mastery activities for those who need an extra challenge! 

English - Reading Comprehension


Please find below a text all about fish and questions to answer. Try to encourage your child to read the text independently and highlight or show you where they found the answer in the text. Answers can be written down or talked about. If the reading is challenging then you could adopt a shared approach where the adult reads the hard words and the child reads the easier ones. This should help to keep the pace steady and support understanding.

Quest - Art and DT

Today we would like you to celebrate World Ocean Day by making your shoe box ocean aquarium. It might look similar to this:-



Do you notice how some of the creatures are dangling on string, so that they can appear to be swimming? Also, there are some plants and shellfish on the ocean bed. As you are making, think about the ocean habitat and how the fish and creatures will get all the things they need to survive (oxygen, water, food and shelter/safety from predators). Also, remember that many sea creatures are endangered, due to pollution of the sea, especially by plastic items, which might be swallowed or tangled in. Click here to find out more.


Have a lovely time making your aquarium and please send some photos in!