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WEEK THREE May 4th - 8th

White Rose Maths

Some people have been in touch because they are having difficulty finding the right White Rose Maths lesson.

The Morpurgo Class page link automatically takes you to Summer Term Week 3 lessons.

To find the lesson you want, click on the minus sign (-) on the pink bar at the top. There will be a drop down list saying Week 1, Week 2, Summer Term Week 1, Summer Term Week 2 and Summer Term Week 3. Ignore the dates.

I hope this helps.smiley For the rest of this week, we are working on Week 2 maths.

Monday 4th May


Click here for White Rose Maths, Week 2, Lesson 1 

Rounding Decimals





Today we are going to write some kennings. Kennings are like riddles. They describe something without ever saying what it is.

Kennings started off in old English or Norse poetry.  Something was described without using its name.

Anglo Saxons often used kennings to name their swords: death bringer, throat slitter or battle light. 


A poem made from kennings is a list of expressions about one subject. Each item on the list is more often than not made up of two words. However in this poem the determiner ‘a’ has been used..

Kennings are great fun especially if you enjoy playing around with words.

I would like you to write a kenning poem about a living thing. It could be an animal or a plant. 

Read the poems below to give you some ideas.


 Can you spot a typing error in the second poem? Read carefully.



If possible,  I would like you to make an origami book out of one piece of A4 paper. It's going to be a tiny book. Click here to find out how to do it. Keep your book somewhere safe until tomorrow.




Tuesday 5th May


Click here for White Rose Maths, Week, 2 Lesson 2

Order and compare decimals



After proof reading and checking your poem, carefully write the finished copy  into your origami book. Try hard with your presentation and handwriting. It might be useful to draw some faint, pencil guide lines. Plan which part of the poem will go on particular pages .The aim is to fill your book with the poem.



Design a front and back cover for your book. 


Wednesday 6th May


Click here for White Rose Maths, Week 2, Lesson 3

Understand Percentages



Scientific Vocabulary Work -

Match the words to their meaning. Try not to peek at the correct answers until you have finished.

Write the answers in your yellow book.







We are going to revise solids, liquids and gases.

Look at the video clips below 

Clip 1

Clip 2

Can you identify the properties of solids, liquids and gases? Make a list in your book


solid                   liquid                       gas



Thursday 7th May


Click here for White Rose Maths, Week 2, Lesson 4

Percentages as fractions and decimals



At the moment, 2020,  our country is pulling together to fight coronavirus. In 1939 the country worked together to fight against a German invasion. There was a long war called World War Two . It was called a 'World War' because it involved many of the world's countries.  To  discover more about World War Two click here. 


World War Two finally ended in Europe on 8th May 1945. Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister, announced there would be a VE Day - Victory in Europe Day - to celebrate.


Although the war was officially at an end in Europe, the war in the Far East raged on until 15th August 1945. Japan surrendered to the allies. This day became known as VJ Day - Victory in Japan.


Information about VE Day can be found here.



Read the information below and answer the questions about VE Day.


Life was tough during the war. Families were separated as men joined the forces, there were food shortages and our island was attacked from the air. Bombs dropped on many of our major cities. 

Music is powerful. Just like it does today, music motivated and raised the spirits of the people.  Listen to some of the clips below. Sing along with your family.


Click here for wartime song lyrics

Run, rabbit, run! Click here

We'll meet again  Click here

The White Cliffs of Dover Click here

Friday 8th May - VE Day


Click here for White Rose Maths, Week 2, Lesson 5

Equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages



My dad joined the Royal Navy during the World war Two. He went to India, North Africa and took part in the invasion of Sicily and Italy. The invasion of Sicily was important. It achieved its goal of driving Italy from the war. At the age of 18, my dad, a country lad from Devon, was in charge of a landing craft. He took troops from large ships at sea to the shore during an assault.



 After the war, dad never really talked about his experiences. It wasn't until near the end of his life that he shared stories with us, some funny, some sad. 


Today I would like you to put your research hats on. Speak to your family. What can you find out about members of your family and their experiences of World War Two. Make some notes in your book,.


VE Day 

People would have been incredibly relieved that the war was over. However, that relief must have been tinged with immense sadness - so many people had lost their lives. There was a great coming together of the people to celebrate the end of World War 2. 

Watch the Horrible Histories V E day video

Why not make some cup cakes to celebrate VE Day with your family? Even better, try this World War Two recipe for bread pudding. My mum was a whizz at making bread pudding. Yum!