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Weekly Homelearning For Everyone



Homelearning should be written neatly and in pencil. Please can all straight lines be drawn with a ruler. Please can mistakes be erased or have a straight line drawn through them. Thank you.



Your Bishop's Hull Book of Almost Everything will go home with you each day and will contain words that you have found difficult to spell during our Read, Write Inc lessons. Please practise them at home.  


Reading Comprehension is set on a Friday.  Please answer the questions in full sentences and bring your book back by Tuesday.  We will talk about the answers on a Tuesday.


Maths activities are set on a Friday and should be completed by the following Thursday please. 


Sometimes we will ask you to do something linked to our topics.  You will write the details about these extra pieces of homelearning in your Bishop's Hull Book of Almost Everything .

Half Term Homelearning

We will be learning about rivers and coasts over the next few weeks.  During the holiday, please create something wonderful about rivers or coasts.  It could be a leaflet, poster, factfile, poem, story, Powerpoint, piece of art, piece of music, dance, drama....  I am sure you can think of many more ideas.


When you've finished, please ask an adult to send a photo or video of your creation to me at instead of bringing it into school.  Thank you.


Please try to read at least 4 times during the holiday and keep practising your tables.  I haven't taken in any BHBOAEs so that you can easily write down all your reading and find your passwords.  There is no reading comprehension this week.


I hope you have a lovely break!



Homelearning 15th-22nd October



This week, we have continued our focus on the 4x table.  This weekend you have been given a game to help you practise its multiplication and division facts.  Remember you can also chant the 4x table, write it, make up other games about it, play on or on Mathshed. 



Our reading comprehension  is 'Pet Q & As'.  Please remember to write neatly in pencil and to answer the questions in complete sentences - no one word answers!  You need to have finished your answers and brought them back to school by Tuesday!


Remember to keep reading at home.  This weekend, I have collected the BHBOAEs for surnames M-Z.