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 Friday 5th March Friday 12th March

Tricky Spellings (Jumping Orange Words) 

Words ending in -ent                                                                        
awkward different
bargain confident
bruise intelligent
category patient
committee efficient


Friday 12th February

         Friday 26th February                                                  

Words with silent letter t Words ending in -ibly and -ably
listen incredibly
castle sensibly
whistle possibly
glisten terribly
nestle comfortably
fasten understandably
soften miserably
wrestle suitably


Friday 29th January Friday 5th February
Words ending in - able                                         Tricky Spellings (Jumping Orange Words)                                                                              
comfortable                         ancient
enjoyable apparent
miserable appreciated
suitable attached
predictable available
reasonable average


Friday 15th January Friday 22nd January
Words ending in -ible Tricky Spellings (Jumping Orange Words)
terrible accommodate
legible accompany
reversible according
edible achieve
visible aggressive
responsible amateur




Friday 18th December

Adding suffix -ion                                  

Friday 8th January 2021

Words with silent letter b                                                                  

confusion thumb
expansion doubt
revision climb
precision crumb
tension debt
suspension subtle
extension tomb
comprehension comb



Friday 4th December

Adding prefix ir- and im-          


Friday 11th December   

Adding suffix -ion                                                  


irresponsible confession
irrelevant permission
irregular admission
impatient transmission
impractical progression
imperfect impression
improbable expression


Friday 20th November Friday 27th November

c sound spelt que

g sound spelt gue        

Adding prefix il-, dis-, in- and un
unique unclear
cheque unkind
antique illegal
grotesque illegible
fatigue dislike
colleague disagree
catalogue incomplete
league incorrect


Friday 6th November Friday  13th November
s sound spelt sc Words ending in zhun spelt -sion
scissors  invasion
science explosion
scene division
ascend collision
descend confusion
muscle television
scent  erosion
fascinate decision