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Try this for July!

Monday 8th June

Some more great resources to share as a family. Please let us know if use them, we'd love to see your responses

This week's top link





Monday 11 May

Mrs David has found this amazing book. It's so true - Everybody worries.

Its a great resource to share as a family, and although aimed at younger children I think its a good book for us all. 


Access the book here



Monday 4th May


I've just stumbled across this link on cbeebies, some really simple and good fun ideas for families to try together. I love the idea of pulling funny faces at each other to make each laugh! Click here to visit the website.






Mrs Derbidge has found some really lovely stories and activities from the ELSA Support resource. The stories are good for everyone but may be more suited to younger pupils. We've included a few activities below.


Monday 27th April 2020



Have a go at making an emotion wheel. At school we teach the children about the 'language of emotions' and teach that all emotions are ok, but not all behaviours are. This emotion wheel might help you to open up the conversation about emotions at home. 


Make an emotion wheel by clicking here




Monday 20 April 2020


Have a go at some of the activities on this the webpage below- if you like an activity keep it going, if it doesn't work for you then don't use that one again - we are all different so choose things that work for you and your family.

During this difficult time, it is only natural that many children will experience difficulties with their emotions and anxiety and we are here to offer assistance to parents who feel their children are struggling.


There are many things we can all do to help support our children and we will be posting new activities, resources and ideas that you can use at home.


Mrs Derbidge is our school ELSA and her role in school is to care for our pupils social, emotional and mental health needs, looking particularly to support them with emotional issues, self-esteem, bereavement, friendship issues and anxiety. She has shared a few of her top tips to help at home.


· Try and get out of the house each day, even just for a short walk or bike ride.

· Don’t get too stressed about ‘home schooling’, do what you can, but it’s not the end of the world if you can’t do it all.

· Try and do creative activities, if you haven’t got lots of resources, use natural materials to make a collage, decorate an old t-shirt, build a den.

· Don’t feel too much pressure from Social Media, it can portray unrealistic ideals of what is really possible.

· It’s okay to want to spend time apart from each other – a break, even just in separate room for ten minutes can do the world of good!


Mrs Derbidge uses a website ( for a lot of resources and ideas. On the site there is a mixture of free and paid for resources and it’s definitely worth taking a look at. There is also a Facebook group called ‘ELSA and Parent group’ which has links to resources and can also be used to ask for advice.


If you would like any support from school with your child please contact us using the

A lovely book illustrated by the author of the Gruffalo

Some fantastic information from the autism and communication service that is useful for all children but especially useful for children with social communication difficulties

We've tried to list some useful websites below - we would always recommend looking at these first before sharing them with your child.  Thank you very much to one of our parents for sharing this list with us. 


Some information about adult and child mental health including ways to cope and talk about the situaton.


Somerset Children and Young people health and wellbeing. Some useful links to explain what is going on, with a Somerset focus.


The Mix is a useful website for children and young people under the age of 25 on a range of topics but they are offering a guide on handy tips for managing anxiety regarding the Covid-19 virus so definitely worth a look.   


Young Minds is a really useful website for parents and children  


Some of these below may be more directed to adults but there could still be some useful bits to pull off for children but also information and advice to support staff as well.


Anxiety (including health anxiety):



These links are useful for strategies and the ‘uncertainty’ link is for the use of the ‘apple’ strategy in managing uncertainty.

Managing Uncertainty and Worry




General Tips and Resources for Mental Health and Covid-19

Mind – Coronavirus and Your Wellbeing:

BBC News – Coronavirus: How to protect your mental health:

General CBT based self-help:

World Health Organisation – Mental health considerations: