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What is wellbeing?

Wellbeing is 'feeling good and working well'. We learn best, when we have a good wellbeing. Everything is a bit topsy turvy at the moment in the world and so it's really important that you can do things that help you to have a 'I feel good' feeling. We'll add links and activities on this page that might make you laugh, might make you think, might make you talk or might help you to make someone else improve their wellbeing. 


If you need any help please speak to a member of staff in your class bubble or ask to speak to Mrs Waller or Mrs Derbidge.


We also have a separate wellbeing page for your parents or carers to access, to be taken to the page click the link.

Wellbeing for Adults

Would you rather?


Would you rather have a camera as your eyes or a sound recorder for ears?


Would you rather float every time you tried to jump or jump every time you tried to walk?


Would you rather have to fight 100 pigeon sized zebras or one zebra sized pigeon?



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