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In school and at home, we have been thinking about how important it is to put a stop to bullying. Lots of us wore odd socks to school on Monday and some of our pets and toys joined in at home - thank you! 


This year's theme is one kind word and how saying something kind and pleasant to someone can change their day, their perspective and their mood. If you choose to do one thing today - choose kind. 

Odd Socks

We know that coming back to school is going to be really exciting, but it might also be a bit worrying as well. There are a few stories below. If you're worried about anything then please make sure you speak to an adult.

What is wellbeing?

Wellbeing is 'feeling good and working well'. We learn best, when we have a good wellbeing. Everything is a bit topsy turvy at the moment in the world and so it's really important that you can do things that help you to have a 'I feel good' feeling. We'll add links and activities on this page that might make you laugh, might make you think, might make you talk or might help you to make someone else improve their wellbeing. 


If you need any help please speak to a member of staff in your class bubble or ask to speak to Mrs Waller or Mrs Derbidge.


We also have a separate wellbeing page for your parents or carers to access, to be taken to the page click the link.

Wellbeing for Adults

Would you rather?


Would you rather have a camera as your eyes or a sound recorder for ears?


Would you rather float every time you tried to jump or jump every time you tried to walk?


Would you rather have to fight 100 pigeon sized zebras or one zebra sized pigeon?



We are joining in with Children's Mental Health Weeklaugh


Below you will find the activities linked to this topic.

Still image for this video

Mrs Derbidge found this calendar that has some fun daily activities. 

Friday 5th February 2021


'Dress to Express'


So far this week, we’ve looked at art and music and how both of these can be great ways to express yourself and we hope you’ve had fun exploring them.


Thank you to everyone who submitted a photo/video for the whole school project – the finished piece is now live on Bishop’s Hull TV so check it out and see if you can spot your friends. Also thank you to everyone who sent in photos/videos of the activities we have set this week. You might see yourself in the gallery above. There has been lots of fabulous work done and some of your photos are on class pages toolaugh.


Today we would like you to express yourself by what you wear. Maybe you have a favourite outfit that makes you feel happy when you wear it or a favourite dressing up costume? Perhaps it is just a favourite colour that always makes you feel happy. Whatever it is, today is the day to wear it and feel happy in it.  


(I think I might get in trouble for the photos belowwink! Do you recognise anyonelaugh?)




Your activity today is to get other people in your household involved in a game of charades (acting it out). This is where you aren’t allowed to speak but have to mime (act) something out. Grab as many people in your house as you can to get involved! You are each going to take it in turns to act out something that you enjoy doing and the other people in your house have to guess what it is. If you want to make it harder you could each write an activity you like doing on a piece of paper, pop each piece of paper into a pot and take it in turns to pick one out (without looking). You won’t know what you have to act out until you read it and then you can also take a guess as to who chose it. Have fun!


Remember: you aren’t allowed to give them any verbal clues!!

💡 What Do You Do With an Idea? - Children's Books Read Aloud

Sit back and enjoy this read aloud of What Do You Do With an Idea? by Kobi Yamada

Sadly, we have come to the end of our 'Express Yourself' week but we hope you continue to express yourself and have fun in lots of creative ways.

Thursday 4th February 2021


Explore your creativity!


Think about what you have tried so far this week. You might have tried something different or you might want to share with a friend something creative that makes them feel good.

Music is a great way to express yourself and we know that many of you probably play instruments at home and enjoy playing along to different types of music.

Music is also a great way to bring people together. Listen to the story on Bishop’s Hull TV ‘The Song for Everyone’. What did you enjoy about the story?


Music can bring people together in real life watch this video below and see how many people joined in with playing the same piece of music. How many different instruments can you see? Watch to the end and don’t forget to watch the people in the crowd – they express themselves in lots of different ways – what ways can you spot?



Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" Flash Mob

What is your favourite song? Which song makes you just want to sing and dance? Find some great songs today and get singing, dancing or both!

Miss Brimble can never resist joining in with this one!

Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video)

If you feel like dancing why not try it with some dance moves here - we've heard this is one of Mrs Norrey's favouriteslaugh!

Happy by Pharrell Williams

If you want to follow some dance routines why not check out the Get Active page and NetFlex as they have some great songs to dance to on there.  You could even use one of your favourites from your home learning activities.

Remember! It's OK to be you! Listen and join in with the song below.

'I'm OK!' from Out of the Ark Music @ Home (Words on Screen Lyric Video)


Wednesday 3rd February 2021




What creative things do you do to feel good and express yourself?


Watch this animated video of the story “Beautiful Oops”:




Beautiful Oops by Barney Saltzberg

A life lesson that all parents want their children to learn: It's OK to make a mistake. In fact, hooray for mistakes! A mistake is an adventure in creativity...

Have you ever made a mistake into something better?

Can you think of a time when you might need to improve on something?


Beautiful Oops shows that we can find creativity in many different ways.

Remember, when we express ourselves we don’t have to be a great artist or a wonderful dancer. It’s not about being the very best at something or putting on a performance.


Let’s encourage each other to find lots of different ways to get creative and express ourselves.

Have a go at the one-minute Squiggle game by Place2Be’s Art Room team. Maybe you could get other people in your household to do it with you and compare your squiggles afterwards.

Watch the demo:

The Squiggle Game - Children's Mental Health Week 2021

For more activities ideas visit

Have a go at this two-minute creative challenge with you. For this origami challenge, you will need a piece of paper. Your challenge is to make a dog!

Watch and follow these instructions:

How to make a Paper Dog - Easy Origami for Kids

How to make a CutePaper Dog - Easy Origami for KidsOrigami Dog Face.

How could you ‘decorate’ your origami dog? For example, colouring it, making it from magazine paper, decorating it, making the tiniest dog or the biggest dog you can etc.


Just like our activity on Monday, everyone will have come up with their own individual ways of expressing themselves through that task.

Tuesday 2nd February 2021


Don't forget to send in your photos/videos of things you enjoy doing (things that make you, you) by the end of tomorrow!



Why does finding healthy ways to express ourselves matter?


It matters because when we feel good about ourselves, it can help our mental health and wellbeing.


Remember, just as we look after our physical health (our bodies) by doing things like exercising, eating well and getting enough sleep, we also need to look after our mental health (our minds). Expressing ourselves in creative ways can help us do this.

Think of a challenging time (like lockdown), that sees lots of people finding creative ways to help them through it (such as gardening or growing plants, mindful colouring, drawing, reading or writing stories, making models, dancing, baking etc.).


Watch this short video from Apple called “Creativity goes on”: Look at all the different ways people have been creative through this lockdown. What do you see? Have you done any of these things?

Creativity goes on

We have always believed deeply in the power of creativity.

Now it’s time to get creative.

Watch this lovely video of the book, The Dot by Peter H Reynolds.

The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds | Read aloud Book for kids

This story proves to us that we can all draw something no matter what our skills are.

Today’s activity is to be creative and draw something – anything! Start with a dot if you like! Be creative and use your imagination.

Remember - finding ways to express ourselves creatively can be a good way to look after our minds.


If you want some ideas, watch the video below of Peter Reynolds who wrote The Dot.

Ready Set Draw-ish! Peter H. Reynolds' THE DOT

Celebrate International Dot Day with this special episode of Ready Set Draw! Peter H. Reynolds teaches you that creativity comes in all different ways.

Monday 1st February 2021


Welcome to Express Yourself Week.


Thank you for the photos and videos you have sent in for ways you enjoy being you – if you have any more to send in then please make sure they are in by Wednesday so we can put it altogether by the end of the week.


Today we are starting with:


This week we are exploring the different ways we can express ourselves, and the creative ways that we can share our feelings, our thoughts and our ideas.

Now watch this short video and see if you can spot the different ways people are expressing themselves:


How many did you spot? Do you like to do any of them? What makes you, you?


There are lots of ways you can express yourself and make you feel good about yourself. For example, Mrs Fielding likes to go cycling and Mrs David likes to bake or dance in the kitchen whilst Mrs Payne loves being out in her garden and Mrs Nolan loves to read. We are all different in the ways that we enjoy spending our time but that is what makes us all unique. What do you enjoy doing?

It is important that we think about how we feel and how they make our bodies feel. Watch this video


Do the activity. Draw a simple outline of yourself – what colours and patterns would you put in your picture? Do other people in your family have the same colours and feelings or would they have different colours?


Everyone will have created different drawings. Remember – it’s not about being the best at drawing – just doing your best effort and expressing yourself.

Yoga is supposed to be very good for the mind and body. Try some with Yogabugs. Click on the link below and enter the password.

Your password is: emotionsneedtobeexpressed.


Why not log in and have a go!


Betsy the Banana | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

A Cosmic Kids yoga adventure about Betsy - a banana who has three wishes! 🌈 Watch our videos ad-free on the Cosmic Kids app: ⭐ Sub...