Welcome to Bishop's Hull Primary School


1. Home Learning ‘Surgeries’ are starting this term: 3.00-3.25pm every Monday and Wednesday respectively in the Blue Room (off the main playground) within the last week of every month. Pop in to chat to Mrs Norrey (Maths) or Mrs Perks (English) if you have any questions about helping your child with maths, reading or writing. Your first opportunities are 31st March (Maths) and 2nd April (English). NB You can always talk to your child’s class teacher between ‘surgery’ times.    

2. To help you understand what your children have to do to achieve each National Curriculum level in writing and in maths, we have linked some documents in the curriculum section. Please take a look!

3. Under new Government guidelines I can only authorise a leave of absence for the following reasons (agreed within the Taunton Learning Partnership of schools - all schools across Taunton) : 

  • Emergency service / forces personnel with proof of enforced holiday period
  • Significant employment restrictions e.g. Holiday industry employees with proof of this being the ONLY time period allowed by employer
  • Significant family events or circumstances - these will be considered on an individual basis
  • One transcontinental leave request per Key Stage for a very significant extended family event, including seeing any elderly/ seriously ill relative

Please note that under the new regulations holidays in term time are being strongly discouraged and you could be subject to a fixed penalty fine if you take your child out of school when leave is not authorised. All requests for leave of absence, in advance please, require the completion of the linked form.

4. In-year admission arrangements for new children have changed from September 1st this year and all requests need to come through the school. Please download and complete the linked request form and once completed either e-mail it to us or bring it into the school office.

5. Do you have a child due to start school in September 2014? Deadline for applications CLOSED on 15th January 2014. Contact Somerset Direct on (0845) 4564038 to be placed in the second round of applications.

6. If you are interested in being on our 'stand by' list of lunchtime supervisors or cleaners then please download the letter giving details of how to apply. 

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From the Head Teacher:

"I would like to welcome you onto our school web-site. I hope the information it contains is helpful to you. My main aims for all children who join us at Bishop's Hull are as follows: they feel happy and safe they feel good about themselves they have fun while they learn they are enthusiastic learners they are successful in whatever fields they discover to be their strengths. Ofsted (July 2011) recognised that our school is, 'good and improving'. A typical parental comment quoted in the report said, 'I am extremely impressed with the school and my child is very happy, and her learning and progress are better than I imagined.' Another wrote, 'The enthusiasm shown by staff is second to none. The children respect each other and always seem well behaved and happy. Any concerns are addressed and dealt with promptly.' The inspectors commented, 'All pupils make good progress.' They go on to say that this is, '...a result of good teaching.' On the subject of behaviour, the report states that, 'Pupils enjoy school. Their behaviour is good and often outstanding.' Bishop's Hull Primary School provides a rich and relevant learning experience for all persons associated with the school. Fundamental to our school philosophy is the belief that learning is a life long process which is an active partnership between students, parents, staff, governors, pre-school, nurseries, secondary schools and the local community. I believe Bishop's Hull Primary School to be a fun place to learn and I would be delighted to show you around our very successful school." - Ralph Bullock

From our House Captains: "Welcome to our school website, we are the House Captains from our four Houses – Blackdown, Brendon, Mendip and Quantock. We would like to tell you why we think our school is fantastic. The children at our school are very friendly and offer help to anyone if they are feeling upset. Children make good friends quickly and enjoy learning together in the classroom, when we are out and about on the school grounds or when we are on trips. We have fun in all subjects! The teachers are nice and friendly, just like the children and they give us lots of fun activities to do. We especially like it when we are mixed up and we work with children of different ages in our Houses or in our Key Stages. The facilities the school has are really good and we have lots of areas to play in at playtime. Different people come into school to entertain us – story tellers, theatre companies, scientists, wildlife experts etc. There are also coaches who help us to learn different sports. Do look at what our School Forum has been up to. By the way, we decided on this name rather than calling it a School Council because we wanted to be a little different! We hope you like our website and it would be great to meet you if you came to look around."

E-Safety: Is your child safe on the internet or when using a mobile phone? Are you? We do lots in school about this very important area and to help you at home I recently gave you all the publication, ‘Digital Parenting’. There is lots of very useful information in the magazine so please take time to read it carefully and talk about e-safety at home. Please keep it safe as a reference point. If you want another copy, please ask at the school office or follow the following link to view on line:


The following link may also be useful to parents.

Taunton Learning Partnership E-Safety Charter for all schools

Other information:

Information regarding closure due to extreme weather conditions

Our 'Child Friendly' Anti-Bullying Policy

The autumn edition of 'The School Times': Part 1 and Part 2