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Achievement Information

Our achievements are many and varied.  We could talk here about our sporting achievements - our boys' football team reached the area finals in January 2016 and we are really proud of all they have achieved.  Three of our pupils worked hard - of their own accord - to raise money for Cancer Research UK by running a competition and holding a cake sale.  They had wanted to raise £40 and ended up raising over £149 in just a week - this is a great achievement and is a very practical demonstration of the community spirit within our school.  Our Singing Club were fantastic at a 'Last Night of the Proms' at The Castle School in October 2016 singing 'One Day More'.  One audience member - a parent at a different school - contacted us to say that it was a 'spine tingling moment'.  We took part in a 'Sock Project' last term where children's art work based on socks from around the world, this work was displayed as part of an art installation in Taunton.


However, all schools are measured externally by the results that pupils achieve during their SATs in Year 6.  We work really hard with pupils to enable them to do the very best they can within these assessments - without allowing the rest of the curriculum to be lost.  This year saw a major change to the testing arrangements and the results vary a great deal both locally and nationally.  Currenty, the link below takes you to the results achieved by pupils in May 2016.  The site will be updated with May 2017 data shortly.


We are really proud of what our pupils achieved last year in these tests, please see the link below to access details.  We would like you to remember though, that we feel these achievements are only part - albeit an important part - of what we want for all of our pupils.  It is a snapshot of what a child can do on one day, in one way - not a complete reflection on who they are or what they may become.  We aim to give children a fantastic academic start to life - but so much more as well!