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The Local Authority and Government both keep a careful check on the level of absence at each school.  They track any pupils who have missed more than 4 days and will want information regarding the reasons for absence.  It is important therefore that we know if your child needs to be at home and the reasons why.


If your child is unwell and will not be attending school, please contact the school office and let them know.  They will pass information on to your child's teacher.  If we have not heard from you regarding your child's absence, the office will contact you to check that all is well.  This is to make sure that we keep your child safe.


There is further information regarding this at the following site:

School not legally able to authorise holiday during term time.  If families take pupils out of school for a holiday, the Local Authority may issue a penalty notice to that family for each child who is absent.


Under exceptional circumstances, schools may grant a leave of absence during term time for reasons other than holidays.  Please read the attached document for more information.


It is a good idea to come in and talk with the school before booking a holiday to avoid being fined.


Where an absence is judged to be unavoidable, please complete a form to request time away from school.  Please be aware that when considering whether a fine may be levied, your child's attendance over the past 12 months will be looked at.  Our school recongnises that good attendance constitutes attendance which is above 95%.  Research shows that rates of attendance lower than this can adversely affect a child's education.  The government commissioned a report on the effect of absence on pupil attainment, the results of which can be found here.



Term Time Leave Request Form