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Bishop’s Hull Primary School is committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all pupils in our school. We believe that all pupils have the right to learn in an environment that caters for their needs, removes barriers and protects them from all types of abuse. Our staff are vigilant and proactive when responding to welfare concerns for our pupils and are trained to use safeguarding and child protection procedures, when required, to keep children safe. If you have a concern, you can speak to any member of staff, or ask for someone from the safeguarding team.


All members of staff are vetted against national safeguarding procedures before being allowed to work in school.  At least one member of every interview panel has undertaken safer recruitment training to ensure that best practices and all necessary checks are carried out. 

The Designated Safeguarding Lead for our school is Mrs Kate Moore


The Designated Deputy Lead is Mr Mike Turner


Our E-Safety Co-ordinator is Miss Clare Jennings


Our nominated Governor with responsibility for Safeguarding is Mrs Carol Manley 


All can be contacted via the main school office on 01823 331624

If you have a concern about the welfare of a child please contact the main school office on 01823 331624 and ask to speak to a member of the safeguarding team. 



If you have an immediate concern about the safety of a child please call 999. If you have a concern about a child outside of school, or are having difficulty in managing your own child, you can ring Somerset Direct on:

0300 123 2224


Protecting Children from Potential Harm

Please see below a range of links to different sites which may help you to keep your child safe from potential harm.  All of our staff are aware of the issues raised on these sites and are vigilant for signs that children may be at risk.  All pupils are taught about e-safety throughout the school and we have links with Simon Parry, our local PCSO who also talks with pupils about all aspects of personal safety.