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It is really, really important that you keep up with your reading both at home and in school. Reading opens so many different worlds and helps you learn new vocabulary, imagine different worlds and characters and can also teach us new things. Find a genre or type of book that you enjoy reading and please keep reading. 


Have you got a library card? If so you can download RB Digital onto a device e.g. a tablet or smart phone and register with Somerset County Council for free access to hundreds of online books, audio books, comics and magazines. Maybe you'll find something new that you like to read. I have also attached below a list of books for different reading interests - how many of them have you read? 


Sometimes, the idea of picking up a long book and sitting down to read it doesn't appeal to us all, if that's the case why not try something different. In our class we have some CDs with stories on them that you can borrow, or why not try a graphic novel or a comic, we have some in class too. If you are looking for more graphic novels check out this page for recommendations, if you find one you like then let me know. However, some days I want to just sit and chill with a book that lets me think and explore my own imagination so why not try a picture book - they aren't just for younger children have a look at some of these great titles here. 

Questions/comments parents can use at home when reading with a child. It is important to still hear children read even in these last two years of primary.





I have registered our class for this site so you can read books at home. Why not see if there is a new book you want to read or listen to. 


Click here and enter our class code - yab4099 which should take you to our class page. Then find your name and get reading. Note - our service only runs from 7am - 4pm. Enjoy- I look forward to hearing what new books you've read.


If you are using it on iOS or Android then you will need to download the Epic app and then either ENTER CLASS CODE or Have an account? Sign in and the tap Students & Educators and enter the class code there. 


If you finish your reading comprehension quite quickly you can do some wordsearches like we would in class. Try them here.