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There are lots of things you can do and enjoy doing whilst you are away from school so why not try a few of these....


  • If you love geography and exploring the world why not check out this adventure here. You need to help solve the clues and travel around the world to see if you can solve the mystery. 


  • ​​​​​​​

    Try this challenge: I stumbled across this website and I thought this might be great for some of you as you love challenges and riddles. I tried the Alice in Wonderland one and it was good.

    Have a go and see who in your family is the best at answering the riddles.



  •  Do you enjoy cooking and baking? I love it and I have found this website with some great recipes and  Abel and Cole for some different recipes. What would you love to make? 


  • Feeling Creative? Check out this BBC webpage with a whole host of ideas and suggestions for different activities - which ones do you fancy having a go at?


  • If you love Roald Dahl books then check out the Roald Dahl website as there are loads of games, activities and stories on there for you to take part in. 


  • GET UP AND GO - If you want to get moving and try some new activities check out the SASPs website. 


    I love Cosmic Yoga - some of them are aimed at slightly younger children but it is very good for stretching and there are some really good ones in there..


    We have got access to Real PE a fun, interactive programme of PE activities. To log in you will need to use these details

    Password: bishopshul


  • Don't forget TTRockstars and Maths and Spelling Shed. I have set work on some of these for you to complete.